If you like the idea of selling online, then here is a great way to make a few extra dollars.You can turn this into a business, if you do your homework.But research is the key here, or else you may end up with a house full of junk, and a ticked off family!


I personally like to sell craft patterns and instructions online with Ebay.There are other places to sell online as well, but I personally find Ebay a great place to start, and because they are such a large online presence, you can see just how much you will get for an item with their search box.


In the search box, you can type in your item, and you can then see how much others are asking for it.You can go a step further and click on "completed sales" and see just how many actually sold.I find this to be the most important, because anyone can ask what they want, it doesn't necessarily mean they will get it, or even sell it.


Now, take a Saturday, and head out to the flea markets or garage sales, or my favorite, "re-use centers" and really be prepared to dig through junk.Many times I have come across great items that were buried under junk.At the re-use center, I quite often find boxes of craft supplies.Many times, someone has been cleaning out a house or basement, and have come across boxes of old craft instructions, or craft patterns, or embroidery kits and patterns.


Embroidery patterns, especially the older ones, seem to sell well online, so if you maybe keep some notes, to remind you of ideas and things you have seen sell online, then you know what to look for.But don't be too narrow minded, as you will find things you had never even thought of.


Try to stay away from heavy objects.I find patterns, magazines, postcards, records etc, easier to mail.Sometimes you can group them together, to create a parcel, but they are still easier to mail compared to a desk or heavy item.Best to try and sell those items at a garage sale, or stay away from them for your online business.It can be way too easy to fill your own house with junk that doesn't sell in your online business.



Invest in a Good Professional Camera

This part is super important.  No matter what your finds are or that great bargain, if you are selling online the pictures need to look super detailed.  


Portable Studio

This is also a great investment, as it can show off your "find" quickly without background distractions and looks professional.

Garage Sales Can Have Buried Treasure

Sometimes at garage sales, I have found the best deals, closer to noon.Since most garage sales begin at the crack of dawn, many homeowners have had enough, and do not want to bring the junk back in the house.You can get some good deals at this point in the day!I will look through a box of old books, that no one seems to want, not because I want the heavy books (horrible for shipping, too heavy) but quite often they have dumped craft instructions and patterns underneath..So, learn to rummage!

 I looked at a box of craft supplies once, and the owner looked so tired, he said "give me a dollar and take it" so I did, and I found a gold mind of patterns, that I later sold online for hundreds of dollars.I found antique embroidery patterns, embroidery floss and more.

Sort Out Your Finds - Put Like with Like

I then take my treasures home, and sort them into piles of "like with like".Such as knitting patterns all together, or crochet patterns all together, or embroidery patterns all together etc.Then I check them to make sure they are all OK, then I take pictures of them, and sell them in groups or bulk.Usually 10 to 15 at a time.I will then weigh them on a postal scale (great investment) then I have an idea by going on the postal website, about how much it will cost to mail them.

 When listing your item, you can add that amount to your price and offer shipping included, or ask the buyer to pay the shipping and give a cost.This will depend on the countries you are will to sell to, obviously overseas will be more.In that case you will need to put in the description, that overseas people need to email you will their address for a postal rate.In the USA, you can usually work it out on the postal rate online, the same in Canada.

 Selling online, is a great way to make extra money.With the internet, you can offer your goods worldwide.So, what may be sitting in a dusty garage somewhere, is worth a lot to another person in England!

 Remember to do some research daily online, especially with Ebay, and get used to prices, and what people seem to be willing to pay, and as you get used to it, you will be able to pick a deal right away!