If you have made the decision to sell online for a home business, your startup will be cheap, but there is one thing you should not cheap out on...

A good camera.

Even if you have to use the kitchen table and a stool, or a corner of the basement for your office, you can get by, but a camera is most important to get your online business off the ground.  You either need to purchase a professional one yourself or hire a photographer


If you sell crafts, and you make great ones, say for example, you create beautiful quilts for sale. You do creative stitching on this quilt, and you use delicate designs in the pattern of the fabric, or you use antique fabrics.. don't you want people to see that detail online?

You have to remember, that at craft shows, or in stores, potential customers can see, touch and feel your quilts. But online, you have to convince them just how beautiful your quilt is.


Set Up a Portable Staging Area

 Set up a photo area, with good lighting, and do a general picture of the product on its own. Even if you display it over a quilt rack, or on the wall,  make sure there is nothing else in the background that will compete with your beautiful quilt.

Take different views. A close up picture of the delicate pattern, and your stitching, and this is where a good digital camera comes in. You have to be able to show detail.

If you sell online with online stores such as Ebay, or Etsy, then pictures are very important, and you are allowed a few. You must be able to upload these pictures to your computer, where you can crop them and alter them to look their best. Then add your description, and price.

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Use a Portable Studio Box for Smaller Items

Using a portable studio box like above, is a quick way to setup your environment for the best pictures especially if you take photos of smaller crafts such as jewelry.  It has everything you need for perfect pictures to put online.

Take a look online, notice the pictures of many products. There are some that look professional. (That is another alternative, is to get them professionally taken, depending on the price of your product, this may be worth the investment to get a sale) and then there are some that are dark, and blurry, and you wonder who would buy this product?

If you were looking at a brochure of a holiday place, would you consider it, if the pictures were blurry, too busy, or dark?. Not likely. When selling anything online, a picture really is worth a thousand words. You can describe it all you want, but many people look at the pictures first. You may only have a few seconds to impress a potential customer who is surfing on the net, looking for great quilts.

Your quilt will have to stand out, by having the best pictures, all lined up over the description. If they like the pictures, they are then likely to stay awhile and read the description, and hopefully purchase your quilt.

The above example is for quilts, but this is true of any products you are trying to sell, but especially crafts and homemade products, where you have to show the detail in your work.

Jewelry, is another big one, where you must pay attention to detail and display. But a good camera will help to make sales, and that will be the best investment your online business could make to get you started on the road to online success.