Have you ever had to write a paper on something and thought it was a complete waste of time? I once thought that too. After reading this article i am positive you will change your mind though. In this article I will show you how to profit from writing reports in school.


In todays world content sells. Articles sometimes go for over 50 dollars. Some writers are making more money than lawyers. Writing can offer a great way to earn money. The average 500 word article will sell for 5 dollars or 1 cent a word. Imagine all the papers you have ever written. Imagine all those words you wrote. In middle school I wrote at least 6 papers a month. For many teenagers those papers end up getting thrown away or being buried on their desktop. I say why not sell this content. You already wrote it so why not sell it and make some money. That is exactly what I did. I found 20 papers on a flash drive that I wrote a while ago and I sold them. I got an average of 10 dollars an article so I made 200 bucks. Mind you these articles were over 900 words in length but still that's a lot of money.Almost every paper you have ever written can be sold for money, and the great thing about this idea is you can earn passive income for life meaning 20 years from now you can be making money from papers you wrote when you were in grammar school. Awesome right??


How To Get Started


Getting started is surprisingly easy. The only thing you need is a computer. Heres what you do, first you have to find content. Once you have found articles/papers you can start making money from them. There are two ways to make money from your content.

    The first way to make money from your content is to sell it on sites like eBay or elance.com. On these sites people are looking for articles to use so they pay people to write them or they  buy them from people. You can take your articles and sell them. This is by far the simplest way to profit from your content. Below I have listed a few sites you can use to sell your articles/papers.

  1. Ebay
  2. craigslist
  3. elance.com
  4. freelance.com
  5. odesk.com
  6. Lulu.com
  7. Gazhoo.com

All of these sites allow users to sell their content.

     The second way to make money from your articles/papers is too post them on a revenue sharing site or on your own website. This means that by posting your papers on a site like infobarrel you can earn a percentage of the ad revenue that your article generates for life. This means that you can post an article on infobarrel or another site like hubpages and earn money for life. I prefer this method of making money because I will earn money years from now instead of earning money once.

     It is very easy to get started doing this. First you have to make an account on an article revenue sharing site, then you have to get a google Adsense account, which is an account you will use to make money.The google Adsense account will allow you to show advertisements next to your paper, when someone clicks on the ad you get paid. This is how by posting your papers online you can make money.  Below I have listed a few sites you can use to post to earn passive income from your articles.

  1. infobarrel.com
  2. hubpages.com
  3. blogger
  4. http://www.squidoo.com
  5. http://www.helium.com
  6. http://www.triond.com

There is no guarantee that you will make a ton of money in passive income by posting your papers on these sites but it is my opinion that you will make more money then by selling your articles.

Whether you are selling your papers or getting passive income from them, using reports you have already written to make money, is a great idea.