leather pants

Selling my stuff on EBay is something I do time to time for fun and profit. One of the reasons it is profitable to me is because I buy most of my stuff on EBay. Well, stuff like clothes anyway, that I don't have to worry about. I would be hesitant to buy electronics on EBay just because it is a giant flea market atmosphere and the buyer must beware. A common ruse on EBay is to work up a large number of feedbacks at one hundred per cent positive based on simple cheap items and then to suddenly switch to an awesomely priced expensive item, such as 10 new laptops available! The auction will make it look like you need to act fast to take advantage of the incredible savings! The feedback looks all good! After receiving $300 per person for the ten laptops, or $3,000 total, the seller will suddenly disappear and no laptops are delivered. The buyers complain to PayPal, and lodge disputes but the seller is gone. Sometimes these sellers are in foreign countries and we can't even press our laws on them.

Second clothes, or even new ones, though, are something I don't worry about. If I know my size and maker, a gently used Ann Taylor dress is better made most. At a retail store such dresses can be over a hundred dollars. You can shop at Ann Taylor's outlet store, called the Loft, and you will find the items are not as well made. And even at the Ann Taylor Loft, the clothes are not cheap. On EBay you can find a pair of jeans that would have retailed for $40 for less than ten dollars. You can even set up a search to email you every time new items come up in your size by your maker. Often sellers are pleased and amazed when I buy their stuff a few minutes after the listing goes live.

An added bonus for buying at the world's largest second hand store is that is always open. You can save on gas by not having to drive anywhere. You can even sort your search by "free shipping." If you are looking for a larger item, such as a second hand crib, or car seat, you can sort by geography. This kind of search enables you to find sellers that are within driving distance. I once sold a nice glass display case that I was willing to ship. A buy emailed me and said she would be willing to bid much higher if I would let her skip the shipping and pick it up, which I did. A nicer couple you never met! They cheerfully loaded the case into their truck, and didn't even want the peanut packing I had for them.

Sometimes because I live in a very remote area, the closest retail department store is over fifty miles away; I am tempted to buy out of catalogs. They will ship to my house; the problem is, every time I buy from one I end up getting deluged with junk mail. It appears that these retailers make money selling my name and address to other print catalogs. I will suddenly get catalogs for things I would never buy, teen skate clothes, hardware, specialty flooring. Even some of the websites, such as Victoria's Secret, which I can buy directly off the internet from, will do the over abundance of catalogs. You would think they would notice I always shop on line when I shop from them, and yet they don't. Catalogs start appearing in every name I've ever had, on a weekly basis, after merely one on-line purchase.

So buying from individuals on EBay will save you from getting on all those annoying mailing lists. Who wants to be hit up by charities on a daily basis? If it's not the Lakota children, its disabled veterans or some other group that I really DO wish I had money for, and yet I don't. The literature they send is well designed to break your heart and open your wallet. If I had money for them I wouldn't be back to selling my stuff on EBay!

Last November when I finally admitted to myself I could not pay my mortgage since losing my second job, I put a bunch of stuff in storage. I pared down as well. The stuff I thought I couldn't replace, or couldn't live without I packed into one shed on the property. It was written into the lease for my renter that I could retain the use of that one shed. I realized now that over eight months has gone by, some of the clothes I put into storage I might as well sell. If I haven't worn them in so long, it probably isn't even doing them any good to be in storage! I dug out my leather Harley Davidson black five pocket jeans. Why am I saving them? I had to sell the motorcycle even before my former husband's drug addiction was made known. He had been monkeying with our finances, as addicts will, so he could afford his habit. Meanwhile he had explained me his odd behavior was due to other reasons.

If you are thinking of selling clothes on EBay, I suggest you do an advanced search before listing. See if anyone has actually sold what you have and how much they received. You may think your stuff is worth a lot, but the market will bear what the market will bear. Name brand clothes sell easier, although a vintage outfit can do well if it is in good condition and looks interesting. If it's vintage and name brand, i.e. old Dior, even better! Check out the actual cost of your shipping, don't guess. My experience is most people are shocked to discover how heavy clothes can be and how expensive priority mail is. IF you want to offer free shipping, roll the cost into what you are listing the item for. Good Luck!