Ebay customers

If you plan on selling on E-bay, there are some simple strategies you should know when dealing with customers. If you want to bring in new customers and have repeat customers, you will need to learn some of the best customer service skills that work on E-bay.

Appearance of Listing: You don't have to invest in E-Bays templates that they charge you for. There are several free sites on the web that you can use on the internet for free. These sites are very easy to use and it's just a matter of browsing for your pictures and copy and pasting the link into your E-bay description. You will sell more if you include several clear pictures of all views of your item. These sites allow you a multitude of pictures on the template which you would have to pay for if you uploaded them directly into E-bay. What a savings by using this and it will bring you more customers! Use your search engine and search for free E-bay or auction templates.

Description of Listing: Be very precise in how you describe your item or items. This is important and especially if there is a defect, it will show your potential customers that they can trust you enough to be truthful. Your customers may even thank you for being so truthful. It will also save you lots of headache later especially on your feedback.

Postage and shipping: You should always offer the lowest possible shipping available no matter how long it takes. Some people are willing to wait for the sake of saving some money in this economy. You should also offer the option of getting it quicker just in case so they have a choice in the matter. This way the customer is happy, the ball is in their court. They do not feel that they are railroaded into paying huge shipping costs and usually they will blame the seller, not the post office. They can actually rate you on your shipping fees on e-bay now so it is better to keep your customer happy in this area. You may want to consider including shipping in the price of the item and state that shipping is free. This will attract even more customers to your item. Always remember to ship promptly. If you only ship on certain days, you must state so the customer knows it ahead of time. Including a thank you note in the box with the item and possible a business card is always a good idea.

Communication: Be friendly and answer all questions promptly. Do not answer questions in caps as it appears you are shouting at someone. Be negotiable in all situations. There may be some situations that you may not be able to make your customer happy, but do your best.

Returns: Offer a money back guarantee if they are not happy. This will also build trust among your potential customers. You may ask that they pay for the return postage. Offering nothing will cause mistrust among potential customers and in most cases you will get very little in returns unless you are not describing your items properly.

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