Selling Your Car For Top Dollar

The amount of money that you receive when you sell your car can depend on a lot of factors; some of these factors are the economy, car's condition, and urgency of sale only to name a few. Although some of these factors are uncontrollable on your part, others are completely controllable by you. There are a few things that you can do to increase the price that you will be offered for your vehicle; moreover, these things will not make somebody offer you an unreasonably high price, but they will allow you to get top dollar for your car. Some of these things do not seem as if they will increase the selling value of your car, but when looking further in depth to them it is easy to see how they can assist you.

Take Professional Looking Pictures

It is amazing how looking through the Autotrader website archives only yields a few professional looking pictures among a sea of cell phone camera styled ones. The worded facts of your car only plays part of the role when somebody is considering buying your car; the pictures associated with the car also play a part of the role. After all, while the driver is driving the car, everybody else is looking at the car! Realistically if your car has 300,000KM's nothing is going to change that; however, if it looks like it has only 100,000 KM's in the picture, people will subconsciously increase the value places upon it within their mind. This trick will not allow you to increase the asking price of your vehicle, as you are not actually doing anything different to the vehicle; it will however, allow people to increase the price that they are going to offer you for the vehicle because it looks more aesthetically pleasing in the picture.

TIP: Ensuring that your car is the only vehicle in the picture, and taking angled shots rather than flat ones allow for a more professional looking picture.

Always Keep Your Car Clean

This is more of a precaution for unscheduled appointments, but is still very important, this is especially important if part of your advertising technique is driving around with a "for sale" sign on your car. If somebody sees you driving and is interested in your car, they are probably going to try and see the car immediately; in order to ensure that you car will have the value increasing effect as listed in the last paragraph you must make sure that it is always clean. This method follows the same idea that was stated in the paragraph about taking professional looking pictures: seeing the car in its best condition will allow them to odder you a price that is closer to your asking price.

Repair Any Minor Imperfections

You have no idea how much of a difference it makes when a person says "the car is in perfect condition" rather than "the car is in almost perfect condition". Some of these minor repairs could be popping out a dent or using touch up paint on a small scratch. These repairs take next to no time and can allow you to raise your asking price. With the right repairs you can successfully raise your asking price by up to 500 dollars and effectively sell the car for that increased amount.

Positively State The Negatives

It is not exactly considered lying, but it is beneficial to state anything negative about the car in as positive of a manner as possible. For instance, if you have a small dent on the side of the car, you might want to refer to it as a "barely noticeable dent that can be easily repaired". This would be the most effective if you are placing an advertisement on the internet or newspaper; however, this would have no effect when the person views the car in front of them because that individual would create their own description of the imperfection.

TIP: You should contradict every negative fact about the car with an equally effective positive one. For instance, "the suspension is a bit rough, but the brand new tires make driving it a joy"

Selling a car simply for any amount that is offered to you can be a simple task, but selling it for its top value can take some time and effort. Many things can affect the price that you can get for your car, some are controllable but others cannot be altered. I am sure that if you follow the tips posted in this article that you will be on the road to selling your car at the highest possible price in no time!