Selling Your Jewelry: Things to Know

Selling your jewelry is one way to get some extra needed cash, or to simply get rid of items that you no longer use or wish to keep. If you're thinking of selling your jewelry and want to get the best price for it, it's good to know a little bit about how the process works.

Retail Value vs. Scrap Metal Value

It's important to understand that, if you're selling your metal jewelry for scrap metal value, you'll be getting a lot less than what you paid for when you bought it at the store. This is because retail value is based not just on the intrinsic value of the metal, which is what scrap metal buyers care about, but on the value of the craftsmanship and the aesthetic appeal of the piece. In fact, most of what you're paying for when you buy from a jeweler is this aesthetic value. Most stores mark up the price of their pieces by 3 to 20 times the value of the metal used on them.

Karat Engravings

Most good jewelers can tell the quality of the gold used for a particular piece of jewelry, without relying on the karat engravings to inform their appraisal. This is important to note because a lot of engravings are actually incorrect. Many of the countries that produce jewelry don't have very strict regulations as to the accuracy of engravings. Thus, a lot of jewelers inflate the actual karat count so that they can sell their pieces for more than they are actually worth.

Old vs. Antique

Jewelry is valued according to the industry's current prevailing trends. If you're jewelry is not in the style that is currently popular, it will not be worth as much as jewelry that is in style. On the other hand, if your jewelry qualifies as "antique" it can actually fetch a higher price even than jewelry that is currently in vogue. Antique wedding rings in San Diego has a classic / timeless look and feel. It is highly collectible and sought after by jewelers, so make sure that you get your pieces appraised to make sure you know what you have.