Limit jobs to those that can be seen, give your home a cosmetic face lift to appeal to buyers, though major systems such as heating will need to be fixed regardless of whether it is noticeable or not. Don’t forget your front yard too, as well as your back yard.

Mow the lawns, weed the flower beds and remove trash as first impressions do count and this is the first area a potential purchaser is likely to observe. The garage door should be cleaned up and painted if it looks rusty or tatty, make sure tiles are replaced and the driveway is swept and washed. Clean and re-paint your windows and remove mess that can be seen from the pavement. Having lots of children's toys laying around is not a good idea as it gives the impression of untidiness, but a swing set or slide gives the impression of a family friendly home.

Pets can be off-putting both with mess and smell, so before you have potential visitors, make sure your pets are cordoned off to a small part of the home, or if you can have a family member look after them for a while.

The same applies to cigarette smoke, artificial smells and scents, certain types of flowers and plants, and biological trash. When you decide to put your home on the market, start smoking outside; ask a neighbour to give your house a sniff test; if they can still smell smoke, or even pets, look at dry-cleaning your carpets, furniture and curtains. If you haven’t done so for quite a while, employ an air-conditioning tradesperson to rinse or exchange your air filters as well.

While flowers and plants make for a wonderful boost to the house’s mood, some individuals are, again, allergic to pollen. So while the flowers are a gorgeous addition to the home, think about the season and setup of your house - for instance can you open windows so the smell is not too much?

In some instances, you may want to sell your house “as is”, without any real efforts to ‘fluff’ it for buyers. Even if you choose this option, we would still suggest that you give your home a good clean, though some people don't even do that. If you arn't going to tidy up any questionable areas, then expect buyers to offer a lower than asking price as they know they will have to do the work themselves.

As an experienced Toronto real estate agent, I assure you these procedures will help the seller to sell for higher price!