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Starting out as a guitarist everyone starts with a guitar they don't care about as much just in case they don't end up learning guitar or if they decide they don't want to play. After people start to learn more they will go on to buy other guitars that they like. After playing guitar for 5 years I have collected 4 guitars and recently decided I should try selling the ones that I don't use anymore.

After looking into some different ways of selling my guitar I figured selling it to another person would get me the most money for my guitars. You can sell your old guitars to music shops but they wont pay you nearly as much as you can get for selling it to another person.


Selling Your Old Guitars on Craigslist

When you want to sell your used guitars on the craigslist website you need to follow some guide lines to ensure that you get the most money for your guitar and to make sure that people are viewing your ad and getting people interested in purchasing your guitar from the craigslist website.

1. The Title of the Craigslist Ad should stand out! To get someone to want to buy your guitar you are going to have to catch peoples interest some how and to get them to view your ad to sell your guitar. For example when I posted my craigslist ad for my Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitar I set the title as " ** Guitar: Les Paul Standard Epiphone! **". As you can see I put the little stars in front and at end of the ad to catch peoples eye when viewing the ad. The first step to selling your guitar on craigslist is to get people viewing your guitar.

2. Make a good post! If you are selling your guitar and its a decent guitar then why not get the full potential amount of money you can make? Making it look like you know what your doing will show people that you care enough to put the time into your craigslist ad and will more increase the chances that they buy your guitar. Your post is very important. List the guitar model and information about the guitar such as how long have you had the guitar, what condition the guitar is in, what kind of music the guitar is good for and throw in something like just added new strings to the guitar and ready to play, this will show you care for the guitar. Also make sure at the end of the post you specify exactly how you want them to contact you to ask about the guitar. I will usually say something like "For more information please contact me through text or phone call at: (555) 555-5426".

3. Make sure they can get in contact with you! After listing your ad and giving them your phone number or email make sure that you have your phone on you and that you are checking your emails frequently just in case someone is interested in your guitar. Many times people that are looking for a guitar will find your ad then call and if you miss the call they will just start looking at other guitar listings and purchase someone elses guitar. Do not make this mistake! Be available if you are going to be listing something on craigslist.

4. Meeting with the buyer. After finding someone that wants to purchase your guitar you will have to have a location to meet them to sell them the guitar. When I sold my old guitars I just had them meet me in the parking lot of my local best buy and showed them the guitar there. I choose a public place just so its in public and so they don't have to come to my home. When you meet up with the person be nice and present them the guitar and they will probably say they want it then hand you the money. Make sure you check if the money is real! A lot of scams go on from craigslist because these are often people that you would never see again.

Remember that craigslist is a target for many scammers! If selling your guitar on craigslist make sure to take precaution and don't get scammed! You are trying to sell your guitar not give it away for free!

Safety tips for selling on craigslist:

1. Meet at a neutral public area for the sale
2. Don't ship the item. A lot of times they will send you a fake money order and you will send the guitar and then find out you can't get the money.
3. If in person check the bills to make sure it's real! I always meet up in the daytime in a public parking lot to sell my guitars and when they hand me the money I will right away hold the bills up towards the sun and check for the little head on the right side of the bill. Don't feel strange about doing this, many people scam on craigslist because they are people you will never see again so you have to take precaution!


Craigslist is a great place to sell your old guitars and I have personally sold 3 guitars so far for a total of $550. I would probably have only gotten 2-3 hundred from a guitar shop!