How can I send money online or by phone?

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Kids in college, paying bills, or helping a friend or family member in crisis are common reasons for needing to send money online fast to someone. Sending money by wire has historically been the fastest way to get emergency cash to someone or to pay a bill quickly. With the internet however, money wire companies have made such services even more convenient and instant money transfers possible. Now you can send money fast over the internet or phone and get the much needed cash there almost instantly from your home computer or phone to almost anywhere in the world. With these online money wire services, you can have the money sent in less than five minutes.

What You Will Need to Send an Online Money Wire

To complete the money wire transfer online, you will need a credit card. With some money wire services, you do have the option of using your personal bank account to transfer from. You will also need the recipient's information, such as full name and address. The recipient will be asked for identification when collecting the cash in person. If you are transferring money to the person's bank account then you will need their bank's name and account number. With an online money service, you can fill out the information required at the service provider's website and simply hit submit to complete the transaction.

Which Money Wire Transfer Service to Use

The internet is full of online money wire services. To ensure your cash  is safe, choose a well-established online wire money service such as Western Union or the United States Postal Service. If the company is unfamiliar to you, check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the company. Only work with an online money wire service company that is legitimate.

How to Send  Money Online or via Phone

Just as you can choose the send the money from your home computer or phone, you have several options for how the person will receive that money. Options include sending money to a  service location ,such as a Western Union location or office, to the recipient's home, bank account, or phone wallet account. If you need to send money fast, then wiring it to a service location or phone wallet account will be your best option. Sending the money wire transfer to a person's home or bank account can take longer, about one to three days on average.

Online Money Wire Transfer Fees

You will have to pay a fee to send cash online or by phone. These fees will vary by service, how much you send, how far you are sending the money, and how fast you need to send it. The more you send, the farther away, and faster service options ,such as instant or overnight money wire transfers cost the most. For example, to send $500 from a U.S. location to another U.S. location through an instant wire transfer may cost at least $40. This fee is paid by the sender and is typically not the responsibility of the recipient.