Now that virtually everyone possesses a mobile phone, computer, tablet or other means of instant communication, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family. There are times, however, when a quickly typed message simply isn’t good enough. The impact can be multiplied many times over, what’s more, if you actually create unique greeting cards yourself.

There are some occasions which require a little bit more than just a quick ‘Thank you.’ As has already been stated, it is easier than it’s ever been to stay in touch with people thanks to the widespread use of broadband communication technology. Every day we all receive numerous text messages, emails, tweets and facebook updates and that means that it’s simple to maintain contact with friends and family scattered all over the country or even the world. The very simplicity and ease of this type of communication, however, renders it somewhat unsuitable for those times when a message with some emotional impact is needed. Following a wedding, for example, there will be many, perhaps even hundreds of guests whom you wish to thank for the gift they bought you. The quickest and easiest way of doing so is often to send cards carrying the message. The fact that you’ve taken the time to personally choose and send the cards in question will ensure that the recipients genuinely realise just how grateful you are.

Once you’ve made the decision to send cards, the question of finding exactly the right card arises. If it looks like you’ve merely grabbed the first one you found, then the impact will be diluted and the message lost. Finding one which is just right, however, can often be pretty difficult, and the best way of both ensuring that the card is perfect and massively increasing the impact it carries is to create personalised greeting cards. Creating your own cards would once have been something which only genuinely talented artists or people with access to specialised printing equipment could contemplate. Digital photography, however, has changed this, because the software used is so simple to operate that even someone with severely limited computer skills can do so. Once you’ve chosen the right image from your own collection, you just have to upload it to the right website, and then select the size, shape and layout of your card. When you’ve done this, it will be printed to a totally professional standard. Not only will it be entirely personal and thus much more touching, but it will also be every bit as glossy, thick and well printed as one which you’d buy from a stationers or newsagent.

As the pace of modern life gets ever more hectic, then it’s all the more important that we take the time and make the effort to let people know we truly appreciate the things they do for us. Making and sending something which physically encapsulate this emotion will en sure that the recipient knows how you feel and is even happier that they did whatever they did for you.