If you are looking to get your opinion heard then you may want to Write President Barack Obama. As the Preseident of the United States it is the job of Barack Obama to hear and respond to the American public. As this is so important, thousands of people are hoping to get their opinions and ideas heard, but how to get your idea heard is very important. If your letter or note looks fake or isn't relevent, then it won't be heard. Here's how to contact the President of the United States.

Things You Will Need





Step 1

Start by deciding how you will contact the President of the United States. If you are looking to write a letter and submit it via the Internet, it takes about 3 weeks to get a response of some kind. If you are deciding that writing a letter to the President via snail mail, then expect some sort of response in about six weeks.

Step 2

Ths basis of communication, either way, means you have to write a personal note about your issues and what you would like to share with President Barack Obama. Make sure you write in a logical progression of the issues you want to discuss and provide a solid explanation why it is important to you.

Step 3

Now to write the President online you need to contact him through the White House website. At this webiste, you will find a form to fill out and place your information as well as the letter you want to send to President Barack Obama. The entire form is very easy to fill out and send!

Step 4

Now if you prefer to send your letter the old fashion way, then take time to actually write or type out your letter on paper. Once you are finished, then place your letter in an envelope and address it to:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Writing a letter to President Barack Obama isn't a lost cause. Thousands of people who take the time to write their opinion get their voices heard at the White House. Its quite easy and a big part of our rights living in America.

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