How greetings have developed over the years and what we're sending now

Each culture has practised their own form of sending greetings but at the turn of the industrial revolution, many countries gained access to mass produced greetings, growing the popularity for sending them. They are now an every day occurance in our modern lives and the greetings and gift markets are both huge.

The growth in this market has been ecceptional and now companies have created greetings for a huge cariety of occasions not just birthdays and Christmas. Greetings and gifts are sent for religious holidays, national and international events as well as life events which include getting married, having children, moving home, passing exams, getting a new job along with more sombre occasions such as losing a loved one, recovering from illnesses and even the death of pets though this is not where it ends. There are a huge amount of specially designed gifts, venues and everything related for these events to help people to celebrate them. Of these obscure occasions, the most popular seem to be centered around pets. People with pets love them dearly so it is easy to understand why there is a demand for pet birthday cards and parties but there is also a rising trend for pet weddings. It does seem as though this industry is only going to continue to grow, but why do we feel the need to send gifts and messages on special occasions?

• Special occasions allow people to let their hair down and enjoy themselves. This is a great reason to get involved in them and one of the best ways to do this is to buy a card or gift to send to the person celebrating. This way the sender can feel part of the event by spending time searching for gifts as a fun pass time. 

• Alot of people feel that by taking time to purchase a card or gift or send a special message, they are showing that they care for the person or persons involved. This can range from taking time to send a special and personal message or splashing out on an extravagant gift and anything inbetween and can be because they are a close friend or relative or simply because they enjoy spending their money.

• Others like to buy things that they enjoy and share them with other. This might be because they know someone who has similar taste to them or they found the item so pleasurable that they feel that they have to show it to the world! 

The current financial climate as well as other factors such as more people moving around the world, mean that many are looking for low-cost alternatives to sending cards and gifts. The average person in the world today is finding that the purse strings are tighter than usual and therefore cannot afford to pay for postage (let alone international postage) for special occasions. Many are deciding to only buy for close family or seeking other alternatives such as splitting the cost of gifts with another friend or relative.

Advancements in modern technology have also affected this industry. Those who previously could sent paper cards for all occasions, have now began to send digital e cards instead as they are much more cost effective. Other savy consumers are using products like itunes vouchers, digital Amazon vouchers and the like to send gifts to their loved ones across the globe, which goes to show that despite the changes in the economic climate or modern life, this trend is not going to fade.

Birthday ecard

Birthday e card

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