senior fitness walkingExercise and fitness is important at any age, but for the senior, it can be doubly important, to help prevent falls, and to stay healthy and vibrant. Senior fitness is something that needs to be done each day. It doesn't have to be much, but enough to get moving.

Senior Fitness - Doctor

If you have not been doing much exercise for a long time, then you need to see your doctor first and make sure it is OK to start a new senior fitness program. You doctor will let you know what you can and can't do, and will most likely be pleased you are going to try and get fit and healthy. Walking is the perfect exercise to get started if you can do it. It moves the entire body and strengthens your muscles and your spirit! You can walk off problems and come up with great ideas for your hobbies by clearing the cobwebs and taking a brisk walk. Walking just seems to lift the spirits, especially if you walk with friends.

Senior Fitness - Walking

If you can walk, then this can be a great fitness routine. But if the weather around where you live can be extreme, or you just don't feel comfortable walking around your neighborhood, then you can join a seniors walking club.

If you join a senior fitness walking club, then you will have to do this, and you will not procrastinate as you will have made a commitment to this program and will go. You will be with other people, and not walking alone. Many times they will meet at parks and quiet neighborhoods, but will quite often walk malls in the very bad weather.

Mall Walking

My own mother enjoys this with her senior friends. The area they live in is very busy, and although they will head to the local park when they can, they truly love to take advantage of the big malls and walk. Some malls have two floors and this can add even more steps.

Invest in a pedometer and this way you can count your steps to know just how far you have been walking. If you are just beginning to do more walking, then this can be a great way to gauge your progress. You can aim for a particular store once inside a mall. Or you can even head to the local Wal-mart and walk up and down the aisles, and see just how big those stores are!

Even doing the groceries in these big box stores now, can add many steps to your day. You may be surprised just how many steps you can fit in, in a day. Make a point of going up and down each aisle for extra fitness.

Senior Fitness - Good Walking Shoes

This is really important. This should be a good investment into your fitness program. Good fitting shoes will make the difference when it comes to you sticking to this senior fitness program. Get fitted for a pair of good walking shoes, and then walk around the store before you decide. There are so many makes on the market, it is better to get help fitting them.

If you are wearing good walking shoes, then you will feel more confident to go further and therefore get the exercise and fitness that you need to stay healthy. Now the only problem with the mall is the food court at the other end!

Senior Fitness - Pedometer