We grew the Sunflower House with the Mammoth and Autumn Beauty Sunflower varieties

Senior Gardening Fun with The Sunflower House
Credit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINK

Big Smiles Come From Sunflower Houses to Butterfly Gardens and Everything In Between

Senior gardening is a popular topic at my house. My elderly mom always starts the year by planting a small vegetable garden with tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, and rosemary. This year, she's hoping to branch out a bit. She wants to add several new herbs for her other great passion - cooking. And she is looking forward to combining her love of both flowers and butterflies by learning how to create and grow a butterfly garden full of decorative butterflies.

She's been reading and researching a lot throgh the cold, snowy winter, and discovered that when it comes to a butterfly plant, there are a LOT of choices, including:

  • Dwarf butterfly bush
  • Royal Red butterfly bush
  • Blue Chip butterfly bush
  • Kaleidescope butterfly bush
  • Pink Delight butterfly bush
  • Miss Ruby butterfly bush
  • Snowbank butterfly bush

WOW! That's as many choices as picking out rose bushes (my personal favorite). And she still has to work on learning the answer to the question of how to take care of a butterfly bush, so when she gets them in the ground, she'll be all set for taking care of them in order to ensure they bloom beautifully. She wants to be sure she can entice all those gorgeously decorative butterflies she loves, just as all her gardening magazines have assured her will happen. That will definitely put a huge smile on her face and we're both looking forward to seeing the smiles on the faces of the grandkids as well!

Another "senior gardening" proect we are looking forward to is planting more sunflowers this year. Last year we grew "the Sunflower House" for the grandkids. It was such a sweet success and my senior mom enjoyed it as much, if not more, than them! Since our state is one of the buggier ones, though, the grandboys didn't spend a lot of time playing in it. But they loved watching it grow taller and taller and TALLER!

The Mammoth sunflower varieties are our favorites as they grew so tall, and the flowers were so beautifully yellow. The shorter Autumn Beauty Sunflowers weren't as dramatic but I LOVE Fall, and their brown and rust blooms were such an encouraging reminder that autumn was coming soon to rescue us from the summer heat. 

Now, here it is - spring again. My senior mom and I can't wait to get started on all these fun gardening projects. She'll do most of the work while I'll help some, and take lots of great photos of her  plants along with plenty of her and the grandkids. Gardening is full of great fun and physical senior citizen activities so I'm glad she enjoys it so much! I enjoy it some as well, but tag with the grandkids is my personal favorite! How about you? Any special senior gardening projects for you? We'd love to hear about them!