Fun and physical senior citizen gardening activities are easier with the right tools

If a storm comes, it's easy to move her senior gardening projects using her garden wagon into the garage

A Garden Wagon Is Great for Senior GardeningCredit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINKCredit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINK

Senior Gardening Makes for Great Fun and Physical Activities for Senior Citizens

Garden Wagons are a Big Help for Senior Citizens - Especially When Storms Are Coming

My senior mom, who lives with me, is a major gardening buff. She's been doing it for years and she comes by it quite honestly, as her father and mother - my grandparents - were phenomenal gardeners. 

I used to oooo and aaahhhh at my grandfather's huge compost pile and borrow his Organic Gardening and Farming magazines regularly, but his green thumb only seems to have gone as far as sunflowers and roses with me. My mom, though, can grow just about anything. Every year she enjoys planting tomatoes, bell peppers, and she also loves to grow herbs like basil and rosemary plants, along with some bright and colorful flowers. 

She used to plant her garden straight into the ground with a good sized plot that kept her, my dad, my family, and even some neighbors nicely stocked with tomatoes. But our family is smaller and her body is not as cooperative as it once was, so she's made some very practical adjustments.

She has created her own version of a raised beds vegetable garden by planting everything into medium-sized pots that are big enough for a good sized tomato or bell pepper but small enough that she can lift it, if necessary. She keeps them all in one of her two handy-dandy utility garden wagons. When the sun is out and all is nice, she brings each wagon out into the back yard to soak up the sun. During the summer, they stay out in the sun most of the time.

But in early spring when temperatures go up and down dramatically or if a bad storm is brewing, she can easily bring all the plants into the garage to keep them safe and snug.

She uses the metal patio table as her garden worktable. It's at the perfect height so she doesn't have to bend over very much. And it's then quite easy for her to lift those pots in and out of a wagon as needed. When her great-grandkids are over for a visit, they love to putter around with her at the table and she lets them help her add potting soil, water the plants, or rearrange the colorful plastic snakes she keeps in the pots to discourage her beloved birds from eating the tomatoes.

Senior gardening is a one of those physical senior citizen activities that can also help with emotional healthiness, and thanks to my senior mom's wise idea to use garden wagons to make her work easier, she can stay more active than most and have fun while she's at it.

My Senior Mom loves gardening

Talk about luscious tomatos!

Senior Gardening Can Be Quite TastyCredit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINKCredit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINK