Saying Farewell

A senior trip is the last time that the class will be together before they all go their separate ways. It is also nice to have something planned for the post-exam freedom and a chance for students and teachers alike to let off steam.

Travel plays an important role in learning outside the classroom. It is often a way to bring a curriculum to life. From experiencing history to absorbing themselves in local popular culture and even a marching band show, many life lessons can be learnt from senior class trips. Whether it is a short local trip or a voyage abroad, there is somewhere for every preference and budget.

The Big Lights

The big cities of the world, such as London, Paris or New York, are a great choice for travel and especially eye opening for people who have grown up in rural areas. Large metropolitan areas can be intimidating but are a fascinating introduction to what cities have to offer. Big cities are fun and educational, with a variety of activities to be enjoyed. It will be a whirlwind of museums, restaurants, history and culture. It gives many their first taste of city life and can prove a great boost for their independence, navigating unfamiliar streets amongst towering buildings.

The Great Outdoors

Camping is a great bonding experience for any age group and seniors are no different. Provided everyone involved is happy to forgo luxuries for a few days, it can be educational and a real adventure. Whether it's in the depths of the wilderness, in national parks or forests, or closer to amenities, there is so much to see and it is a great experience. In colder climates, a good outdoor activity break is to travel into the mountains for skiing and other snow-based activities.

Sun, Sea and Sand

Relaxation and learning combine in beach trips. Ocean breeze and stretches of coastline and gentle lapping waves are fantastic stress busters. Depending on your budget, whether it's an hour down the road or the glamour of the Mediterranean, there is more to the seaside than simply sunbathing! Get into the local mindset and explore the culture and the cuisine. Take boat trips and try water sports, whether snorkelling or surfing. Diving lessons could even be organised, allowing people to pick up new skills and boost their confidence.

Doing Something Different

Alternately, consider a train journey or cruise if you are not especially picky about the final destination. It's a great way of getting everyone together in a concentrated space and can be a lot of fun. This way the travel doesn't have to be tedious but rather the star of the show!

Another option is to focus on a particular activity. This could be watching a marching band show or even getting involved first hand, such as training and taking part in a performance. This will make an excellent, memorable occasion.

A senior trip is a great way of saying goodbye to classmates and teachers, as well as creating unforgettable experiences. Whatever the budget, there is a senior class trip to suit you! The right trip will stay in people's minds for years to come.