Exercise is one of the mainstays for seniors working on aging to perfection. It is not a luxury or abnormal seniors joggingactivity anymore because everyone is doing it. Granted, for some it is a salvaging of years of abuse or zero self improvement. A fresh molding to improve quality of life. For others it just may be the key to loving themselves, their lives, and feeling better.

Famous seniors who workout help to spread the inspiration of senior citizen fitness. A Roman Catholic nun from Washington, Sister Madonna Buder, competed in her first Ironman when she was 55. Since then she has broken her own world record of completing an Ironman triathalon at age 79. Wow, she is the oldest female to complete the event. Talk about self help improvement, the "Iron Nun" re-defines the senior workout. Her story is profiled in the book, "17 Hours to Glory." She is a great example of desire, determination, daring, dedication, and doing. At some time when exercise seems unreachable, one may have to draw upon any or all of those examples to continue. Now she has authored her story in "The Grace to Race."

Seniors should note the intensity, frequency, and duration for any exercise program they so choose. Record keeping of performance aids in enhancing the growth and desire to incorporate a daily workout. Injury prevention means taking into account health issues so perceived limitations can be worked around. Resting in between exercises is okay too. Taking a break to re-hydrate is a nice boost in the course of exercising. Listening to music that feels good to move to can actually help improve stamina. Shoes are an important workout tool for exercise that requires footwear. Comfy, sturdy and supportive well fitting shoes usually last for years, and give an added measure of taking care of oneself when exercising.

The benefits for seniors to exercise may start with a belief in self, being your own number 1 fan. Then, learn from other successful exercisers. A healthy security in one's overall health can really grow from determining one's own worth. Facing exercise issues will break down barriers to exercising. Remember, others views of beauty may be skewed and immature. Let your self improvement improve your quality of life. No matter what your age, it is never to late to start a senior fitness program. Walking (anywhere), water aerobics, yoga, martial arts, and pilates for seniors are just some of the beneficial ways to start. Home workouts are great because your schedule is important. It is less stressful to avoid driving and comparing oneself to others in a class, plus home workouts allow for self discipline to begin, and the music bonus of listening to what moves you. Attending classes is a great motivator, and knowledge tool. It is a kick to discover a better way of performing an exercise from a classmate or teacher. Regardless of where your exercise takes place, you are benefiting yourself by doing it. It helps prevent and delays dementia. It reduces the impacts of chronic disease and illness. It improves sleep and mood. What's not to like about it?

The hardest part is getting started, but with a little knowledge and self confidence senior exercise programs can become second nature to one's vitality.