Seniors Make Extra Money Online

Seniors are circumventing massive unemployment by becoming on-line entrepreneurs. We are all too familiar with the fate of seniors, most of whom find themselves under financed for their "golden years" When they search for employment, even for part-time work, they are shunned. If they have a job, they must live in fear of the dreaded pink slip. Now, however, seniors are turning the tables and becoming more aggressive than ever. They are becoming on-line entrepreneurs. If they have a Masters Degree or the equivalent, they can choose to teach their subject specialty on-line. Save on the gas bill; save on cleaning. Stay in your pajamas.

How do the senior on-line entrepreneurs begin? They do a search for on-line schools. There are hundreds of community colleges that sponsor on-line programs in composition, math, and basic liberal arts courses, the courses required for certification. You need not worry about WHERE you are going to teach. You can be in Alaska and teach a course which is in an on-line program located in a department of a university in New York City. You will transcend space. No more moving about the country and living in places where you do not want to live. You choose the school and program based on the merits of the school.

Senior On-Line Employment

Senior on-line employment searches can be very systematic. There are a number of universities that publish on line lists of schools that sponsor on-line programs. Scan these lists and pick the school that looks interesting to you. As you probably know, each school will provide a website and you need to study these websites very carefully. Be aware that the websites are first and foremost intended to address students and student need. You need to dig down into the stack of ads and information on the school until you find a link labeled EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES. This is where you need to spend some time. Search for a form to fill out to apply for on-line teaching at that institution. Note any other information requested, such as your transcripts, references, CV or other relevant information. It is a good idea to put all this information into folder so you don't have to recreated the wheel each time you apply. Most schools want your unofficial transcript first and then if they are interested they may request an official transcript. Some universities will pay the transcript fee; others do not. You need to be aware of this information. It is a good idea to set a schedule and to send out several applications per week. You will be applying as an adjunct and this means part-time work. However, you can accumulate classes from many colleges so that ultimately you may end up working for five or six colleges. Since the work is asynchronous, there is little likely overlaps in time. But specifically, how does an asynchronous time schedule work?

Students will write essays or solve problems and you will provide corrective feedback. Usually, you are given 24-48 hours to respond to the student. You could respond at 3:00 in the morning or at midnight. There is no room to enter, no building to find and enter. So you can see how you could work with many time zones and be making money in each zone. Some teachers make $100,000 per year. This results from developing multiple streams of income. You are working a little for several colleges and it all adds up. What income you will make depends on your investment of training. Virtually, all the colleges require the beginning adjunct to go through a training period and work with a mentor before and during the first course taught. But once you become an instructor, you may continue to take workshops provided by the company: workshops on giving feedback, on evaluation and grading, on tracking a student's progress, etc. As you gain proficiency, you may at some point be offered a full-time job, in which you are likely to be assigned to train new adjuncts. But even if you are never offered full-time work, know that it is always possible for you to earn as much or more than full-time employment obtains.

The Specific Tasks of Making Money via On-line Teaching

What do you actually do when teaching on-line? Remember, time is money and the more efficiently you have set up your classroom, the easier it becomes to make money. Actually, there are sequences of tasks you must perform. You must first set up your classroom. Usually this entails providing your students with information that shows on your monitor. You must welcome your students and give them your office hours. You must go over the outline of the course. You do not have to create a course syllabus; this is done for you. Next you list rules for class behavior: Time limits on submitting work, penalties for late work, avoiding plagiarism, any clarification from the administration, how to communicate with you as a teacher: e.g. by email, in the context of an announcement, is an entry of an assignment, in Ask the Professor.

Make money on line by mastering the essentials cited above and by anticipating student need. The more you have a handle on this, the more efficient you will become, increasing the amount of discretionary time you have to search for other schools and going through the same process. Keep in mind that the aforementioned is general. You will have to master the specific platform your university requires, so be flexible. The main task you have before you is to master navigating on any site presented to you. So any training that enables you to navigate smoothly and efficiently will increase your earning power. Also, do not get lost in technicalities. Remember that you are working with live human beings and you must maintain civility at all times. This entails being able to diffuse anger on the part of the students. Sometimes a private conference is necessary to make things run smoothly again. Respect your students and the whole system will operate efficiently.

Please note that the designation for online schools and programs entails a lot of duplication and overlap of terminology. Sometimes the titles are just in reverse word order. online degree programs may be presented as degree programs online. Sometimes the words distance educaation is used to eauate with online programs. Sometimes, perhaps most of the time, general designations are used, such as online degree programs, but sometimes the titles are very specific.For example there is the pointer to psychology degree online, online law degrees and online degree accounting.