There are a lot of herbs that are known for its different uses. One of these herbs is Senna. Senna is a natural herb usually used for its laxative properties. Sometimes, it is used in other laxative products. The reason why it has laxative properties is because of an active compound called Anthraquinones which is works by aggravating the lower intestinal tract and prompts the body that you would need to push out waste. The good thing about this is that it absorbs water and this makes the stools easier to pass especially for those who are naturally constipated.

One of the reasons why senna laxative is also being used as an ingredient to other products because of its bitter taste. A lot of times, it is recommended that it is mixed with other products such as peppermint, fennel, ginger and licorice. Dried Senna can also cause painful intestinal cramping if used on its own when it is mixed with other herbs however it relaxes the intestines and makes senna more tolerable.

Senna is usually used for less than seven days. There are times when Senna can create problems for your health. For instSennaance, it can cause allergies in some people. The allergies can be extreme sometimes and not very pleasant. Some of the side effects may be difficulty in swallowing, inflamed eyes and lips and other things. The moment that you experience some unpleasantness, it is recommended that you consult your physician immediately. It's important to mention again that if you feel like you should use senna leaves for more than seven days you should really be looking into other constipation remedies, possibly changes in your diet, because this is not a sustainable.

If ever you are not very impressed with using laxatives, take note that you can always make some changes with your diet that can improve your bowel movement a great deal. The first thing that you can do is undergo a colon cleanse program. This will help your digestive system work more effectively. There are also certain foods that can promote normal bowel movements. Some examples of these foods are fresh fruits and vegetables and also whole grains that have a lot of fiber that can be very good for your diet.

You also need to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day because this will help your whole body function throughout the day. If ever you are not too fond of water, you can also drink liquid juices. If you do this, the chance that you will fight constipation is great.