Sennheiser rs130 is a pair of very high quality cordless earphones that would be suitable for many users who need to walk around with their headphones on.

Wireless earphones for you to use around the house

Sennheiser rs130 fit for your daily use when you would like to continue to listen to the music and anything you would like to listen to when you move around the house or even you are out in the yard. It is the perfect choice. The audio gear works so well that despite you are in the house or in the yard, you would have no difficulties in receiving the signals so that you can enjoy a free-of-cord-bound audio experience. The transmission distance is actually 150m so the audio gear should fit for the use of most. You would also be able to listen to things you would like to hear even when all people in the house are asleep. It is the perfect choice for night owl.

Sennheiser rs130 ReviewRechargeable Batteries

The earpiece works by using the rechargeable batteries that come along in the package. I do always in support of the use of rechargeable batteries as they are much more environmentally friendly as opposed to those disposable batteries you buy for one time use. And rechargeable batteries are so convenient that I do not need to keep in mind to put the battery name on my shopping list every now and then. Instead, I just need to charge the battery from time to time and I can always do it when I am out of the house. When I am back, my Sennheiser rs130 is ready for use.

SRS surround sound modeSennheiser rs130 Review 2

The SRS sound experience may be very important to some. I am glad that these earphones include this favorable feature. With SRS surround sound mode, the experiences of listening to music and movie are so different that it is almost the most important function that I would always look for when comparing which earphones to buy.

Intelligent auto tuning

I just love this great feature of Sennheiser rs130. It is so important that the cordless audio gear is able to tune to receive reception itself so I do not need to manually do the work myself all the time. And if I have to do it when I am totally into the music or movie, it would be such a disturbance.

Noise and hiss occur sometimes

Anyway, you can probably tell from your experience that noise and hiss do sometimes occur when you are using almost all cordless audio gear. After all, they do lack the cable. So, I opt to accept this little flaw that many other cordless sound equipment out there also possess.

Volume and tuning control too close

Since the design puts the volume and tuning control almost together, it is very easy to have touched one control when you are not mean to so I would say it is biggest flaw of the product.

Apart from some of negative sides I talked about, I would still say Sennheiser rs130 is still a pair of very good cordless earphones.