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Today I want to give you a review of the Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones. I bought these headphones back in December of 2013. They have been the best pair of headphones I have ever used. I myself use them when I am writing, doing homework, researching, etc. They offer a comfortable and snug fit onto my big head. They offer amazing sounds quality and indefinite base. They are the greatest headphone purchase I have ever made. So today I want to give you a full review about the following categories:

- Sound and Performance


- Mobility

- Design


Key Features: Over the hear Design, 15Hz - 28kHz frequency response (great sound reproduction), 112dB sensitivity (powerful sound), 50 ohms impedance (power conductor), comfortable velour ear pads, and a 3.5mm adaptor.

Sound and Performance

When buying an expensive pair of headphones, the most important thing is how they sound and perform. I have listened to many different kinds of headphones: Bose, Monster, Skull Candy, Beats by Dre, Sony, etc. I have had my fair share of good and bad reviews for these products. Some of them are expensive and terrible quality, but others are cheap and have surprising performance. You can visit your local Audio shop and test these many different headphones out. This is by far the best way to test the product out and see if you like them.

The Sennheiser HD 558’s have the best quality for the price. I am not a musician or DJ but I have had my experiences with headphones. For the price of these headphones you are getting a quality you can’t get with you Ipod ear buds. They use an “Internal Sound Reflector” which not only pushes the sound into your ear but also away from it. For those of you who own a pair of $10 ear buds, you know what it sounds like receive that sound pushing on your ear. It can hurt for some and often creates an annoying experience when listening to music. The Internal Sound Reflector creates an experience that sounds like its coming from all directions. The HD 558’s treats your music that has low bass with ease. If you have a song like, Akon ft. plies –Hypnotized, which offers deep bass, your headphones will play high volume music without distortion. If you are someone that is into instrumental music, like the Beastie Boys, these headphones offer a nice bass to the sound of the drums and guitar without sounding unnatural.

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Sennhesier has a past in building their HD 5xx series from cheap plastic. There have been incidents of the headbands and ear pieces cracking from the lack of durability. It is a shame to see such a great headphone made from this cheap plastic but it didn’t discourage me from my purchase. Even with the plastic being a flaw, the accessories (cables and Adaptor) are pretty strong. I haven’t had any issues with the durability of my headphones so far. I have accidently kicked, dropped and stepped on them. I might have been lucky but the durability isn’t as bad as people make it seem.


If you are looking for a headphone for running or exercising, I would try and find a different pair of headphones. The HD 558’s come with an adaptor that allows you to hook it up to an MP3, phone, etc. This adaptor is big and bulky, which takes away the ease and comfort of mobility. The length of the cable is also about 4-5 feet. I currently have mine tied in a zip-tie to shorten the length of the cable. Many of the people purchasing the HD 558’s use them for music production, so the lengthy cable is adequate for them.


In my particular opinion I have noticed a lack of design or creativeness in headphones on the market. I look at them and ask why they thought that design or feature would be a great addition to their product. I don’t mean to bash but I found it hard finding a pair of headphones that had a simply good looking design.

The Sennheiser HD 588 design includes the velour padding on the ear cups and headband which offer a comfortable addition to the headphones. The black matte design and open design of the ear cups create a rather intriguing look to the headphones. The down fall to this open design is that anyone near you can most likely hear what you are listening to. The sound isn’t obnoxious but it can be heard.


I wanted to save the price for last, so you could ask yourself if it’s truly worth it. Right now Amazon has a price of $122.18 and free shipping. Stores such as Walmart, BestBuy, and Target have a price of $180. I bought my headphones before the drop in price, and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I believe the set price of these headphones is more than adequate for the quality. It can be a lot of money to fork out for a set of headphones and you have other options such as Beats by Dre, Sony, or Bose. Why spend your extra money on these brands for their celebrity appearance and un-needed accessories. You can save $100 buying something that is the same quality.  

In Conclusion

In conclusion I wouldn’t spend anymore of my time trying to find a better headphone. I am an avid music enthusiast who wanted a good pair of headphones. These headphones offer great sound quality, comfortable fit and a sleek design. They do offer minor flaws, but after a while it doesn’t bug you. In the end, if you are looking for a leisurely pair of headphones, I would pick the Sennheiser HD 558’s. 

Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones
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