The SentrySafe x055 security safe is a mid-range product that will help you keep your valuable possessions safe from theft. It has a list price of $100, but can often be found cheaper for that online. It averages a rating of four and a half stars from customers on Amazon. It is best for storing jewelry, documents, some cash for emergencies, small electronics, and other items that you want secured. While the SentrySafe x055 isn't as secure as a safety deposit box at the bank, it is a good place to keep things that you want to have on hand at all times.

Product Overview

The exterior dimensions in inches are 8 11/16 height by 13 3/4 width by 10 5/8 depth. The inside is 8 1/2 by 13 5/8 by 8 5/8. So it can hold documents but if are storing legal sized paper and want to make sure it can lay flat, you might want a slightly bigger model. It weighs approximately 20 pounds.

The SentrySafe X055 uses an electronic lock that is easy to set up. You first need to install four AA batteries. Then program it with a passcode that you decide on. This code can be anything from two to eight digits. If the keypad batteries die or if you forget the number that you set, you can still open the safe using the two override keys that are included.

The body and door are made from solid steel and are pry resistant. The hinges are concealed for extra security. It has two live locking bolts. Since it is lightweight and can easily be carried off, it needs to be bolted for true protection. It comes with the hardware you need for mounting. It is pre-drilled so it can be bolted from the back, from the bottom, or from both.


Bolts and installs easily. This is a product that people won't have any trouble setting up. Bolting it inside a closet works nicely since it will be at eye level that way and easily accessible. There are LED lights that guide you through the setup.

This has sturdy construction and there are no complaints about the quality of the SentrySafe X055 security safe. The floor of it is carpeted so you can put in items such as jewelry without worrying about damaging them. It doesn't however, have a shelf.

The Security Safe x055 does the job it advertises. It works great for preventing curious house guests from snooping in your belongings. Some concerned parents like to buy this model for their children who are going away to college since dorm living isn't private. It will deter most common thieves.


Of course, the SentrySafe x055 isn't perfect. One problem that many owners of this model reported is that it can be hard to pull the door open. This is because the door is heavy and it is difficult to get a good grip on the knob. To solve this problem you can always stick something like velcro tape onto the knob which will make gripping easier.

This model is not waterproof or fireproof. So you don't want to store your most important documents in the SentrySafe x055 security safe. For these things it would be better to open up a safety deposit box at the bank. If you want a fireproof safe at home, you need to be prepared to spend the money on a more expensive model.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for something that is small, easy to use, and secure, you will probably be satisfied with the SecuritySafe x055. For its price range, it is hard to find a better quality safe. It is perfect for keeping your possessions private. If you have higher security needs, however, you'll need to get a more expensive safe or go to the bank and get a deposit box there.