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It is considered amongst the top 10 big cities of the world, but cleanliness and discipline is exemplary!

When you cross the Airport and enter the Seoul city, you will find its buildings and progress is not at all lesser than any European city. Since constructions are newer gives glowing and strange pleasurable effect. While passing through the main road, you will see high rise buildings. Thirty forty storey buildings are common there. Traffic is overwhelmed in Seoul but is extraordinarily disciplined. The higher authorities of Seoul firstly observed thoroughly the traffic system of big cities especially London, New York, Paris and Berlin etc. since they were making Seoul a big and important business point. Therefore, they made every main road with having a bypass in Seoul. That’s why one can hardly see traffic jam in Seoul.

Besides above, Subway, an underground railway system has been implemented in a way that people travelling from surrounding cities and towns for work neither feel difficulty nor there is any extra burden on the busiest life of the city. Seoul’s Subway is considered amongst the busiest underground railways of the world.  

They usually take seafood for their eating among which various kinds of prawns, fish and its oil are prominent. This food has made them look fresh and their faces soft and without any stain on them. The effect of fish on their health is that neither their bodies nor they feel exhausted in their works, nor you can see aging effects on their faces. Every Korean citizen seems low age or younger. It would be a wonderful place especially for the women of the world. Like other big shopping centers of the world, all the important shopping centers and bigger shops close at 7:00 p.m. in Seoul too. There is no argument on closing shops at 7:00 p.m. People have set their timetables as a routine. Seoul city is in fact a Mega City. Its population is more than 100 million, but city seems not over crowded, since they have equalized the population rise with the city expansion by providing facilities to the citizens, which includes construction of roads, Flyovers and above all increase in houses have been kept in mind. Seoul is considered amongst the 10 big cities of the world but more than half of the South Korean population which is about 250 million depends on Seoul in some way or other. There is no tension in rural and urban population. On the contrary benefitting each other they are the source of each others progress. This is the secret of South Korea prosperity.

Winter starts in November and fall of leaves takes place. There are numerous trees with colorful leaves in Seoul. You can see these dry colorful leaves spreading on the road in winter everywhere. These yellowish, grayish and brownish leaves spreading everywhere give a very beautiful and strange look. But there is a daily cleanliness system. In the morning you will see no leaf but till evening leaves spread everywhere.

The history of Seoul city is about two thousands year ago. It means it a very ancient city. Till 1960 it was an old city where there was abundance of fishermen and small businessmen, but now it has become a global city. That means it took only 50 years to transform from ancient Seoul to modern one. There might be any multinational company that is not present here. There own Samsung, Hundai and LG companies are considered amongst the world’s great organizations.

Heavy rain is common there which continue by fits and starts. Therefore, wearing of raincoat and keeping an umbrella is a normal way of daily routine. If you see Seoul from any high flyover, it looks like a bride. Washed and bathed with lights. Skyscrapers building brighten with grace and the sight of city witnesses its graceful look. Like many other great cities of the world Seoul is also situated on a big river Han. This city is spread on about 600 Square Kilometers. River has divided it into two parts. It is situated on a high mountain and seeing outside it seems that it has been constructed after cutting the mountain valley. Therefore, in spite of being a part of South Eastern locality, winter is very cold and temperature falls down till -6o C. River Han is not used for boating now, whereas, before it was an important source of travelling between the two shores. The advancing technology of South Korea has performed another amazing feat. On seven different places under the river, underpasses have been constructed, which are according to the breadth of river Han, 12 Kms long at majority of places. Passing from these underpasses is an interesting experience. These underground tunnels remain enlightened completely and at several places necessary tools are also present to deal with an emergency.

One of the famous markets of Seoul is DONG DE MUM. It is the biggest market and always remains full with tourists and citizens. Seeing the shopping center it looks like that people have no other work except shopping. Like other big cities as Singapore, Kaulalumpur, Hong Kong and Bangkok of South Eastern Asia, you see women as their shopkeepers, majority of which can speak and understand English and welcome smilingly. They are in the zest of selling Korean products to tourists. In few shops you will see the whole family comprising of sons, daughters and mother running shops altogether. Seoul has given tourism a rank of industry, and tourists are given much respect here. Mostly they welcome tourists whole heartedly. However, such attitude can also be seen in every South Asian City.

There is a Seoul Tower about 15 Kms away from the city. It is situated on the high mountain. The way to it has also been made after cutting the mountain which passes through a small forest. As usual Seoul tower is decorated with the most top quality lifts, restaurants from place to place, then the top storey which is at a height of more than 100 feet, best quality telescopes for watching the city, by which you can see the whole Seoul in front of your eyes. The vastness of the city, skyscraper buildings, river, mountain, markets, offices, even people walking through can be seen in front of your eyes. There is one more characteristic of economically sound countries that not only their citizens work five days of week whole heartedly and earn money but also celebrate the holiday like holiday, means full entertainment which is obvious from their blooming faces and stormy emotions that also reveals their own and country’s prosperity on the whole.

It would be injustice if not talked about their Subway system in little detail because it is the best underground railway system of any Asian city. The rising population of Seoul made recognizing its necessity, but more important thing is that due to expansion of city, such a traffic system was introduced, which makes the large number of people reach their working places, especially to business centers, markets, industrial areas and offices etc. in a short time. In the modern era, this is a secret of fastest progress. Big cities are not only the name of increasing population but also providence of great and immediate facilities to the people makes them big. The same life style can be seen from New York to London, Paris to Berlin and Seoul to Kaulalumpur. Seoul really is a latest city. Its Subway system is also an example of its high technology.

From entering till exiting from Seoul, one thing will continuously hit your mind and that is high technology. It feels that every thing, even humans are also running under some technology. It is a certainly a great achievement of fastest progress of South Korea that with only 250 million population, they make them stand in the top 10 economical powers, even when they have no special minerals like oil or gold etc. It is not an ordinary thing that only with their skill, education, training, hard work and creativeness in a very short span of time they have converted themselves from taking hand to giving hand. And for that backward Asian nation, which can neither even feel pride on their history nor culture, but certainly their present and future generations will not be far behind in this respect too.

Seoul is an industrial city, where there are numerous industries. Samsung is still considered amongst the first five top multinational companies and not only proverbial but in reality they make from needles to planes’ engines and spare parts of Atomic Powers Plants. There might be any small of big house in the world where electronics products are being used and their name is not recognized. They have both quantity and quality at the same time. There is a department where future products are being kept. This manifests the nations that are not only leaders today but will also be tomorrow. Such countries not only declare the power of their natural resources and manpower but also work practically with silence and zeal.

The surroundings of Seoul are very beautiful. All the year rain, moderate climate and then mountainous area give it a strange beauty. While going to Airport you will see there is a series of never ending trees on both sides of the road. There are abundance of flowers and plants everywhere. The new Airport of Seoul is Lncheon. All the international and domestic flights depart and arrive from here. On the Airport you would hardly hear some talk other than business. Fewer tourists than merchants arrive Seoul. They amply use import export words on their mobile phones. Lncheon Airport can certainly be counted among the busiest Airports of the world and there might be any other Airport in the area which can compete with it in respect of beauty and vastness, since it has been considering one of the best Airports of the world for the last five years.

By Muhammad Irfan Zafar

Content Writer