The date, September 11th holds a unique meaning for present day Americans.  Its mere mention evokes memories of death and a treacherous attack on our homeland by Islamist imperialist terrorists.  On that day, the terrorists sought to destroy the symbols of America's economic and political power as a pathway to breaking our will.  Today, the outcome of the war against Islamist imperialist supremacism is still unsettled.  America's resolve has been tested before.  In fact, Americas resolve has been tested on September 11th, earlier in our history.  Indeed, even the foundations of Western Christian civilization were tested against Islamist Imperialism in the past, as well.  All three events occurred on September 11th.



The year was 1683.  Few people today are aware of the name, King Jan III Sobieski of Poland.  But, if you have European ancestry and are a Christian or a Jew, you owe that fact to this man.  For, King Jan III Sobieski of Poland saved all of Europe in 1683.  For years, the Ottoman Turks had been advancing throughout South Eastern Europe, imposing Islam wherever they went.  In September of 1683, the Turks, led by Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa were laying siege to Vienna and were poised to overrun it.  If they were successful, all of Europe would have fallen under the rule of the Ottoman Turks and Western Christian Civilization would have been no more. 


King Jan Sobieski of Poland

Vienna was a center of European power at the time, as it was the capital of The Holy Roman Empire.  Earlier that year, King Leopold, the leader of the Holy Roman Empire entered into a defense alliance with King Sobieski of Poland.  Sobieski arrived to lift the seige on Vienna as the Turks were setting off explosives to destroy the walls of the city.  It was Sobieski that led a cavalry charge of 40,000 Christian knights in armor, routing the Islamic forces of Mustafa.  It saved all of Europe from Islamic domination and the date was September 11, 1683.


In 2012, a movie about this historic event, starring F. Murray Abraham was released in Poland and Italy, called “The Day of the Siege: September Eleven 1683”.  It’s astounding that this movie was never publicized or released in the United States.  One can only speculate as to the reasons, but it’s hard to imagine there would be no interest in such a movie.  Certainly, a movie that remained true to the historical record might provide insights into the mindset of the 2001 terrorists, because the battle in 1683 held great significance for them.  In the United States, however, few people know of the significance of the Siege of Vienna in 1683.



Exactly 131 years after the Siege of Vienna, another battle was being waged, testing the mettle of American resolve against the oppression of British tyranny.  The White House had already been set ablaze by invading British red coats.  The city of Baltimore lay ahead for the British and the only thing in their way was Fort McHenry at the mouth of the port of Baltimore.  Dozens of English warships unleashed an unending barrage of 1,500 200 pound cast iron cannonball bombs.  For 25 consecutive hours, the Royal Navy bombed Fort McHenry to no avail.  All during the battle, an American attorney watched from a British truce ship in the harbor.  The next morning, an enormous American flag was hoisted above the fort, indicating that the Americans had held out.  It so inspired the attorney, he immediately began to write a poem he called, the Defense of Fort McHenry.  The words are familiar to us all:


O! Say can you see by the dawns early light,

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars,

Through the perilous fight,

O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?

And the rockets red glare,

the bombs bursting in air,

gave proof through the night,

that our flag was still there.

O! Say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave,

O'er the land of the free,

and the home of the brave?


Francis Scott Key

Of course, the attorney was Francis Scott Key.  And the date the Battle of Fort McHenry began was September 11, 1814.



On the morning of September 11, 2001, a team of 19 men hijacked four passenger jets, crashing them and killed nearly 3,000 Americans in an atrocity they claimed was in the name of their interpretation of Islam.  The date they chose for their act was not coincidence.  September 11th, 1683 represented the end of the Islamist Imperialist advance on the West and Christian civilization.  September 11th, 2001 was chosen by these militant radicals for its symbolic  significance, signaling to their allies in the Islamic world, of a renewed war and advance on the West and Christianity. 



September 11th has held great significance across the past several centuries for different, but related reasons.  When Francis Scott Key witnessed the naval bombardment of Fort McHenry, he was moved by American resolve in the face or repeated blows from an imperial power.  America has always stood against imperial power.  There are no American colonies overseas in conquered nations.  It is the spirit of the Americans at Fort McHenry that is needed today to curb new challenges from different, but every bit as lethal, imperialist forces.


The defeat of the Ottoman Turks at the gates of Vienna, marked the end of an era where Imperial Islam was brought deep into the European continent by the point of a sword.  The fiercest and most aggressive aspects of Islam have over the centuries, sought to spread that faith with imperialist aggression.  After 1683, the advance of Islam into Europe all but stopped until the last few decades as Muslim immigrants emigrated into Europe. 


The attacks on the United States in 2001, represent for some Muslims, a renewed religious war with the West.  The ultimate goal of this war is the Islamicization of Western nations.  While the ultimate Islamicization of the West is unlikely, wars occur when such things are attempted.


Flag Raised at Ground Zero

Islam is a faith in crisis.  Unless the Muslim voices of reform, tolerance and peaceful coexistence gain broader legitimacy, and vanquish the forces of hatred and violence done in the name of Islam, September 11th will not be a lesson, but a harbinger.  We cannot allow the forces of civilizational decomposition, represented by Islamist Imperialists, to outweigh the forces of civilizational composition, represented by people of good will and tolerance among all faiths.

In the face of unmitigated evil, people of good will, peace, tolerance and love, must encourage each other to stand bravely or risk a new dark age by capitulating.  “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for men of good will to do nothing.”  Sir Edmund Burke

The lessons of September 11th all through history is the threat represented by imperialist aggression.  It requires our unwavering resolve for its defeat.  If that resolve is found lacking, the world will be courting a bloody disaster.