The Monthly Version of the Online Earnings Report

September Online EarningsCredit: Javrsmith

I am pleased to present a report of my September online earnings from many of the active sources that I use. This month was quite good as I was able to accrue $31.68 from published content. As usual, the bulk of this amount was from my niche site. Infobarrel also seemed to generate a few dollars as well. Unfortunately, my analytics are not fully established so a complete breakdown of all revenue details is not available. This will change in the future.

On Squidoo, my September numbers were better than they have been for some time. My content there has seen a resurgence of late. Part of that comes from a renewed dedication to several of the articles. This started when Justin Trudeau, a Canadian federal politician, began to consider running for the leadership of his party. One of my Squidoo articles described the possibility that Justin would eventually take over as leader of the Liberal party of Canada. In fact, my article maintains that the party is essentially dead if he didn't. Traffic for the article went up substantially with Trudeau's announcement. Several of my other articles received boosts as well. Many of these were from the readers of the Trudeau article checking out my other articles. Squidoo does a very good job of interlinking articles. I received $1.16 as a payment from Squidoo but this was actually for July traffic. There is a lot of room for improvement, obviously. Time will tell but I imagine that September revenue will be much better than the July numbers.

Amazon affiliate earnings seem to be one online category that eludes me. While other authors generate substantial sums using this avenue, my online content does not. This is due to my lack of product selling articles although I have written some over the years. On Squidoo, I have always used the Amazon modules and initialized them with products that are relevant to the content. I have made some Amazon sales through Squidoo, but not many. This is definitely an area that I should improve upon in the future. I would like to see the introduction of Amazon modules at Infobarrel. The Squidoo platform has 4 or 5 such modules. Infobarrel has only a single format. Squidoo also has a link utility that allows you to reference specific Amazon items. These are then built right into your article. When complete, the product displays, with price and photo, and it includes a text block that you can edit. This is an excellent way to work with Amazon. As I said, I hope Infobarrel includes something like it in the future.

Online affiliate sales were successful again in September. One particular product, the Formidable Pro form generating plugin for WordPress, was quite interesting. This is an excellent tool and I have written quite a number of articles to promote it. The tool is available for single web site use or for unlimited use. From sponsored sales, my affiliate earnings were $63.30. Although I obviously appreciate the revenue, I am also pleased that my readers have decided to use the product. I am a big fan of Formidable Pro because it simplifies the building of user input forms, surveys, mailing lists and a lot more. If you use WordPress, be sure to check out this product, (and please use my affiliate link!).

My other affiliate arrangements were not as successful this past month. I made a small effort to promote a cloud backup service which I think is excellent. Two articles were published that highlighted the merits of the service. Alas, there were no conversions in the month. I use the service myself and I am a big fan. It installs as a background job and automatically backs up my machine. I get remote access to my files as well. Check out my article to see it for yourself. I didn't have any other affiliate earnings in September either.

Infobarrel Contest Details
During September, I made a concentrated effort to write enough articles to boost my revenue sharing percentage at Infobarrel. The site credits authors with points based on the number of articles written in a month, emphasizing longer ones. Five credits are given for articles longer than 1000 words, three credits for 800+ words and one credit for 500+ words. I wrote six articles that were longer than 1000 words plus one 500+ word effort. That earned 31 credits for the month. This level means that my October revenue share is boosted from the 75% standard level to 85%. In August, I was only able to earn 21 credits which translated into an 80% revenue share for September. As well, I submitted 5 articles to the editorial calendar submission page, each of which was worth a further 1% boost in revenue share. Thus my October revenue share is 90%. This is the first month for me at this revenue sharing level. I will watch for signs that it is paying off.

Goals for October at Infobarrel
With the boost in Infobarrel revenue, it would be nice to see the amount earned increase. I would like to improve my understanding of analytics in order to track statistics better. I will also try to meet the requirements of the Infobarrel contest in order to earn a 90% revenue share again. That means that I'll have to write at least seven articles again. This article is counts for 5 credits so I'm on my way.

Goals for October at Squidoo
There should be a way to improve the statistical reporting at Squidoo. I will be checking into this. As for my articles, I should be adding a few more in October.  There are some interesting games underway at the site. These don't earn money in themselves but they do help to enhance the work ethic. With more attention, Squidoo tends to provide better revenue when authors are more involved. Publishing more articles is the key but editing the existing portfolio of content is important as well.

Affiliate Goals for October
This month should see several more articles published which promote my various affiliate arrangements. These include utilities for WordPress, online cloud backup service, Internet web hosting and more. The payoff is actually quite lucrative so a little effort can often improve revenue greatly.