Salem Witch Trials

1692 Last Killings for Witchcraft 

Salem Witch Trials, taking place from February 1692 until May 1963, took place in Salem and surrounding cities.  They resulted in 19 hangings, and one man being crushed by stones trying to get a confession.  On September 22, 1692, the last eight to be officially hung died.  Several more died in prison after that.

1862 Emancipation Proclamation Announced

Shortly after President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated, the South seceded from Union.  Lincoln found the idea of slavery morally repugnant, but wanted to pursue the war with the idea of getting the Union back together.  Some of the states in the Union were also slavery states, and he did not want to drive them away.  It was recommended that he wait until a Union victory.  In September of 1862 the Union won the Battle of Antietam and on September 22, 1862 President Lincoln announced that in 100 days all slaves would be freed in rebel held areas.  He also set up a system for blacks to serve in the Armed Forces, and just fewer than 200,000 did so.  By declaring slaves free, President Lincoln also made it difficult for countries that favor the South, but were against slavery, to actively support the South.  The Emancipation Proclamation was issued on January 1, 1863. 

1927 Jack Dempsey Loses Heavyweight Fight for Second Time 

Jack Dempsey had been a Heavyweight Champion until 1926.  He had fought infrequently the few years before that, trying to drive up the profit of each fight.  He agreed to fight Gene Tunney, and lost win Tunney won in a points based decision.  He then refought Tunney in 1927 trying to win the title back.  He knocked Tunney down, but failed to go stay in his corner according to a new rule.  Tunney was done for 14 seconds, but according to the official count, he got up at 9 seconds.  He stayed away from Dempsey the rest of the round, then went on to win by decision again.  Jack Dempsey never fought an official fight again, although he fought some exhibition fights.  He died in 1978 and his son, John V. Tunney, became a U.S. Senator.

Presidents Ford

 1975 Second Assassination Attempt on President Ford

For the second time in 3 weeks, a woman attempts to kill President Gerald Ford.  Sarah Jane Moore pulled out a gun and aimed it at President Ford.  The attempt was stopped by Oliver Sipple, a person standing nearby.  Oliver Sipple was a former Marine, Vietnam veteran, and gay.  One shot went off, but did not hit anybody.  She is still in prison today.

2003 First Crossing of Atlantic in Open Air Balloon

David Kim Hempleman-Adams, a British adventurer, has racked up an impressive group of “firsts”, including being the first person to do the Adventurers' Grand Slam.  The Adventurers' Grand Slam is reaching the Geographic and Magnetic North and South Poles and climb the highest peaks in all seven continents.  On September 22, 2003, he crossed from New Brunswick, Canada to north of Blackpool, UK, becoming the first person to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic on a balloon.