1690 – First Newspaper Published in US 

“Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick” is published in the United States.  It is the first newspaper to do so.  It publishes one issue, but the British do not like it and tells them to stop.

1789 – First 12 Amendments to Constitution

US Congress passes 12 amendments to the US Constitution.  Ten of them were ratifies by the States are what the first 10 Amendments that we know as the Bill of Rights.  One of them, the Congressional Compensation Amendment was ratified in 1992, 203 years later, and is now the 27th Amendment.  The 12th amendment passed by Congress that day was never ratified.  It had to do with the number of representatives per amount of population.

Fenway Park

1911 – Fenway Park

Ground was broke for construction of the stadium on September 25, 1911 and opened for business on April 12, 1912.  It is currently the oldest venue used by a sport team, and one of the best known stadiums in the world.  They have sold out every game since May 15, 2003, over 630 games, holding the record in Major League Baseball.

Photo By Jared Vincent

1929 – Full Instrument Flight

James Doolittle became the first pilot to fly a plane from takeoff to landing using only his instruments.  He then helped develop the artificial horizon and the directional gyrocope.  He won several flying races and set a flying record.  Before the war started in 1941, he helped with conversion of car plants to airplane manufacturing.  After the Japanese raid in 1941, he organized the first raid on Japan in April of 1942, for which he was awarded the medal of Honor.

1956 – Telephone Service

Underwater telephone service between United States and Europe starts cable has been laid from Scotland to Newfoundland.  This first cable could carry 36 telephone channels.  This cable, called TAT-1 was finally retired in 1978. 

1979 – Chicago Marathon Resumed

Shortly after the start of the marathon in 1896, the Chicago marathon was started in 1905.  It was run annually until the 1920s.  The in the 1970s with the resurgence of the sport, running for exercise and Frank Shorter winning the Olympic Marathon in 1972, interest was raised in resuming it.  It started again in 1979.  By 1982 it was attracting world class athletes and by 1983 considered one of the most important races in the United States. 

Sandra Day O'Connor

1981 – Sandra Day O’Connor

Sandra Day O’Connor is appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the Supreme Court.  She is the 102nd justice appointed, and the first female.  She served from 1981 to 2006.  She voted more on the conservative side most of her time on the court.  In 2001, the Ladies Home Journal listed her as the second most powerful woman in the country.  In 2009, President Barack Obama awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest award a civilian can receive.

1992 – Mars Observer Launched

Mars Observer was launched to Mars on September 25, 1992.  Three days before reaching the planet, contact was lost with the spacecraft.  It is thought there was a rupture in the propellant system.  The mission had been to study the planet surface.