1580 – Sir Frances Drake Circumnavigates the World

Started on November 15, 1577 Sir Frances Drake set out to raid the Spanish in the Pacific Ocean.  He ended up leaving with six ships.  He returned almost three years later, on September 26, 1580, with only one ship, the Gold Hind, and a load of treasure to split with the English Queen.  He was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe, and only the second in history.  

1777 – British Occupy Philadelphia

The Continental Congress was meeting in the Pennsylvania State House, later renamed Independence Hall.  George Washington had fought the British earlier in the money, but had lost.  The British marched into Philadelphia, and the Continental Congress had to flee.  George Washington and his army settled down at Valley Forge to wait out the winter. 

1818 – First Blood Transfusion

Dr. James Blundell did a blood transfusion using human blood.  The patient was diagnosed as terminal, but the blood transfusion was tried anyway.  The patient seemed to recovering, but died 56 hours after the operation.  Ten years later Dr. Blundell saved a life with the procedure, but Dr. Doubleday was the first to save a life with a blood transfusion in 1825. 

1932 – Mahatma Ghandi Breaks Fast 

In 1932 a new constitution went into effect, and the Untouchable caste of India was granted separate electorates.  Mahatma Ghandi went into a fast to win the Untouchables the same rights as the others of the country.  After 6 days, the British government said that they would negotiate for better and fairer arrangements. 

Kennedy Nixon Presidential Debates

1960 - Televised Presidential Debate

The first televised debate takes place.  It is between Democratic Nominee, US senator John F Kennedy, and republican Nominee, Vice President Richard Nixon.  The debate took place in Chicago, but an estimated 80 million people watched it on television.  Most agree that Kennedy won the debate. 

1962 - Beverly Hillbillies

TV comedy, Beverly Hillbillies premiers on CBS remained on the air for nine seasons.  It was the number one show for the first two years it was on television, although the critics were not impressed.  It was in the top twelve shows for seven of the nine years.  

1969 – Beatles Album

Beatles release the “Abbey Road Album” on September 26, 1969 in the United Kingdom.  It is released in the United States on October 1, 1969.  This is the 11th album released by the Beatles, and the last they released when they were together.  Their last, entitled “Let It Be” was released after they broke up. 


1973 – Concorde Flight

Concorde makes first nonstop flight over the Atlantic in 3 hours and 32 minutes.  This is half of the normal time.  The flight speed was 954 mph.  Scheduled flights started in 1976, and continued for 27 years, until 2003.  The airplane was a combination effort from the British and the French.  It is still considered an engineering marvel. 

2009 – Roman Polanski Detained

 On September 26, 2009, Director Roman Polanski was detained in Switzerland.  He faced extradition to the United States because of jumping bail in 1977, after facing charges of having sex with a minor.  He was later released by the Swiss police, who refused the request to extradite him.