1865 - First Female Doctor

Elizabeth Anderson became the first woman to get a medical license in Britain.  She was refused admittance to medical school, so she studied on her own.  On September 28, 1865, she was only one of three to pass the exam.  Seven were tested.  A year later she became a general attendant at a hospital.  It was renamed after her in 1918, becoming the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital.

1918 – Spanish Flu Hits Philadelphia

The Spanish Flu is considered the world’s worst flu epidemic and more than 30 million people dies worldwide.  On September 28, 1918, there was a Liberty Loan Parade in Philadelphia.  A few days later thousands came down sick and over 12 thousand people died in the city.

1924 – First Round the World Flight Completed

Three planes started out on April 6, 1924 and two of them landed on September 28, 1924, completing their journey around the world in 175 days.  The feat was accomplished by the US Army Air Service, and done with planes bought from the Douglas Aircraft Company.

Alexander Fleming

1928 – Penicillin Discovered

Alexander Fleming noticed, while working in his lab, that some of his cultures were being affected by a fungus having an anti bacterial affect.  This provided the start for modern antibiotics.  Fleming worked to make the penicillin usable, but had trouble with his trials, and with growing it in a pure form.  He was also worried about it lasting in the body long enough to have an effect.  Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain took up the research, and had it ready for use in World War II.  The three, Fleming, Florey and Chain jointly won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1945 for their discovery and work.

1959 – Images of Earth Radiation Belt

The Explorer VI was launched to study the upper atmosphere and to photograph the Earth.  On September 28, 1959, it took the first remote pictures of the Earth weather conditions. 

1960 – Ted Williams Plays Last Game

Ted Williams, considered one of the best baseball players of all time and a leading homerun hitter, played his last game on September 28, 1960.  At his very last at-bat, he hit a home run, bringing him to total of 521 homeruns hit.  At the time of his retirement, that put him at number three in homeruns, behind Babe Ruth and Jimmie Fox.  

1968 – “Hey Jude” Hits #1

The Beatles song, “Hey Jude” hit number one on this day in 1968.  It was over seven minutes long, and is the longest song ever to hit number one.  It was at the top of the charts for nine weeks, the longest for any Beatles song.

Murchison MeteoriteCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Murchison_crop.jpg

1969 – Murchison Meteorite 

A meteor fell over Murchison, Australia.  100 kg of it have been found.  It has high water content, so researchers feel that it has cometary origins.  There was 92 amino acids found in the meteorite, but only 19 match those on found on earth.  The others have no terrestrial source.


 1976 – Muhammad Ali Retains Title

Muhammad Ali fought Ken Norton to retain the heavyweight championship of the world title.  He had fought Norton twice before, losing the first, and his title, and then winning the second and regaining the title.  On September 28, 1976, they fought for the third time, with Ali winning again.