Easy and Versatile Boleros

One of the most versatile accessories that a woman can buy for her wardrobe is a very simple piece, the bolero. The bolero is a small jacket which comes in a few versions, variations are called shrugs, wraps or cropped jackets.

By adding just one or two boleros to your wardrobe, you can stretch it much further, go from work to cocktail party, or even a formal event, and all without breaking the bank. Boleros come in many shapes, styles, and colors. This article will focus on the sequined and beaded boleros, wraps, and jackets that make outfits more dressy.

Silver or Gold Sequins Add Glamour


Silver Sequined ShrugCredit: AmazonIf you want the look of glamour, then adding a silver or gold sequined bolero is a good choice. A shrug, like the one pictured to the right, is often available in more than one color, and long or short-sleeved. They can literally be shrugged on, and worn with a dress, a sheath, or replace the more business-like suit jacket that you wore to work, to change an outfit for going out later in the evening.

The Alivila.Y Fashion Mesh Sequin Short Sleeve Shrug 3051 comes in several colors, and is also available in long sleeve. For under $30.00, you can see why it is a popular choice for many women to add to their closets.

In addition, silver or gold are neutral colors that blend well with any other color, and that will stretch your mix and match choices further than you think.

Wraps Look Stylish and Can Add Layers

Silk Pashmina WrapCredit: AmazonWraps or shawls are equally versatile as boleros, however, they are worn differently. A wrap can be a little more expensive than a shrug, because there is more fabric to a wrap.

The most comfortable and luxurious wraps are made of silk fabric. Silk is a natural fiber, and can breathe, which makes is more comfortable to wear during both hot and cold weather. It can be washed by hand or dry-cleaned.

The Lauren Solid Color Stunning Pashmina Wrap will easily compliment business, casual or formal wear due the silk fabric. Silk blends well with all other types of fabrics. This particular wrap comes in quite a few beautiful colors, and would make an excellent wardrobe choice to add to the sequined shrug above. With these two items in your wardrobe, you would be able to go to any function in a simple skirt or pants, and a tank or sheathe.

Ideas on How to Wear a Shawl or Wrap

If you are not sure how, this will get you started

Add Lace to the Mix with This Beaded Cropped Jacket

Maxchic Women's Beaded Neckline Cropped Lace Jacket C08481G13C,Medium
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(price as of Sep 11, 2016)
This is a gorgeous jacket that can be worn to the most formal affair.

Searching for the Right Jacket

As you search through the options by clicking through the links, you will find many choices in both sequined and beaded accessories. The best thing to do is picture yourself in a black dress or pants and top, and then add the bolero, wrap or jacket to the picture to see how they will work with what you already own. The best option is to start with more neutral colors that will work with more of your wardrobe, then as you add more jackets, look for more unique colors. However, a neutral can also be a bold, statement color like red or teal. As long as you can wear it with several existing pieces of your wardrobe.