Serial killer Charles Albright is not the most famous serial killer because he only killed 3 people. The people Charles Albright murdered was 3 prostitutes. The murdered prostitutes were named "Mary Lou Pratt" , Susan Peterson, and "Shirley Williams".

Charles Albright was 57 when he committed what authorities believe was his first murder. Charles Albright had been in a lot of trouble in the past for forgery, fraud and stealing. He was he convicted of molesting a 9 year old girl. Although he had a troubled past no one had reason to suspect that Charles Albright would go on to kill 3 women.

On December 13th in Dallas Texas

Mary Lou Pratt's body was discovered. She had been shot in the back of the head and her eyeballs were meticulously removed. The eyeballs were never discovered so authorities assume that Charles Albright took her eyeballs with him after he killed her.

On February 10th 1991 the dead body of Susan Peterson was found. She was almost completely nude. Charles Albright had dumped Susan Peterson's body on the outskirts of Dallas Texas. She had multiple gunshot wounds including to the head.

5 weeks later on March 18th 1991 Charles Albright's final murder victim Shirley Williams was found. As with Charles Albright's other victims Shirley Williams had been shot in the head. Shirley Williams also had her eyeballs removed by Charles Albright as he did with Mary Lou Pratt.

When Mary Lou Pratt was murdered the police showed up to the scene of the her demise and assumed that it was just another run of the mill murder. Not that the Dallas police took murders lightly but this area after all was filled with gang bangers, prostitutes, drugs, homeless people, and others on the fringes of life. Murder in this area of Dallas was common. The police assumed it was just a regular murder. That is until the autopsy was performed. When Mary Lou Pratt's body was examined it was found that her eyeballs had been removed. Not roughly cut out but as if someone had took their time to cut the eyeballs out so as not to disturb the eyelids. When police were notified of the eyeballs missing and the manner in which the eyeballs were missing the police began to suspect something more dire than an average murder. The FBI was also notified as it was suspected that something treacherous and odd had happened.

The police file made note of the missing eyeballs in the Susan Peterson murder case. The missing eyeballs was not part of the information that was released to the media. The police knew there was a chance that there was possible a sadistic killer on the loose but the police also knew that the woman may have been murdered for stealing some merchandise from a Hispanic man.

The 2nd murder victim was Susan Peterson. 2 days before Susan Peterson was viciously killed and she had notified police that she might know who the murderer of fellow prostitute Mary Lou Pratt may have been. Susan Peterson had even told the police that she had seen Mary Lou Pratt murdered.

After the 3rd murder victim Shirley Williams crime scene investigators discovered a pubic hair on the victim that the police were able to identify as belonging to a white male. The police could now concentrate on looking for white suspects. But the police had no suspects.

Working on a tip given by the second murder victim before she was killed the police were able t track down and arrest Charles Albright. Charles Albright was arrested 4 days after his last murder. Charles Albright currently resides in the Texas prison system and will likely never get out. Many of his friends and acquaintances claim that there is no way Charles Albright could have committed the murders.

At least with Charles Albright in prison they can keep an eye on him.