The environmental problems we suffer from today are very serious and are threatening life on Earth as we know it. In the best case scenario, we humans will only have to adjust our way of life to minimize the impact on nature. For example, stop the use of fossil fueled motors and increase the reuse and recycling of material products. But more realistically, the Earth's entire ecosystem will suffer from dramatic changes that will inevitably have serious consequences for all animals and plants, including us humans. The most pessimistic persons, however, talk about much more severe effects. Nuclear war, pandemics, water and food shortages, ozone layer depletion etc. will wipe out the majority of humans from the face of the Earth withing a hundred years or so. Not a very pleasant scenario.

So, which are the most serious environmental problems we are facing today and in the near future? The most obvious is the problem with pollution. Toxic waste, radioactive waste, exhausts from vehicles and factories, and oil spill, are polluting the sea, air and land. Every living organism on Earth are affected since sea currents and winds transport the pollutants to every corner of the world. In order to save the environment, every person, company and government on the planet must do their part.  

Another problem is the global warming. Although controversial in some political groups, the vast majority of scientists all agree that high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere cause the average temperature of the Earth to increase. This could cause polar ice and glaciers to melt and thereby raise the sea level. This will have dramatic effects on many areas of the world, with flooding, species extinction and disturbed ecosystems as examples. 

Food, water, raw material and energy scarcity are other environmental problems that need to be addressed. These problems are caused by a combination of a growing population and a growing demand for the extravagant lifestyle we in the western world have had for decades. Since both food and raw material are finite, this growing demand will eventually hit a brick wall, where only rich people will be able to afford these necessities. The water and energy demand can hopefully be met in the future by new inventions and improved ways to generate electricity and energy. 

Animal and plant extinction has already occurred in the past and more species will disappear in the future, in an accelerating rate, unless we do something about it. Government agencies and voluntary organizations must work even harder to protect our wildlife.

Health problems are often caused by the environment we live and work in. We are constantly exposed to chemicals, noise, and different kind of radiation, and this affects our health in a bad way. Some more than others. Manufacturing companies in developing countries, in general, expose their employees to a much worse work environments than in more developed countries. In the worst cases, employees get sick or even die because of a horrible work environment.

Reading about all the problems in the world can really get you depressed. However, all environmental problems listed above can be solved, if we all do our part. Governments and companies must make the right decisions of course, but the important decisions are ultimately made by the individual persons. How can this be? Well, it is the individuals that elect the governments. And it is the individuals that buy the products that the companies produce. So, if you think a certain company is polluting the environment or is making their employees sick, then don't buy anything from them! Instead, you go to a competitor that is more environmentally friendly. As you can see, the consumers and voters have the real power to make a change!

This raises the next question: How can we increase the awareness of environmental problems within the rest of the population, and thereby getting them to make better decisions on which politicians to vote for or which companies to buy their clothes from? One way is to write articles and fliers, and another way is to join demonstrations. If doing so, you could probably need some good slogans. Slogans on environment are good for getting the message noticed and remembered by the public, and that is the actual purpose of the demonstration or the article, right? If you would like to get hold of some great slogans, please check out the signature box! 

If we work hard and stay optimistic, things might just turn out for the best. After all, a clean and green future is well worth fighting for, wouldn't you agree? Thank you for taking the time to read this article! 

Slogans On Environment Can Help!

Slogans On Environment Can Help!