When you began considering garage storage ideas keep in mind that garage storage is considerably different than normal household storage or closet design. Today's modern home designs invariably include an attached garage and if some careful storage planning is not practiced they can become a cluttered eyesore. In many cases the garage will become so cluttered that it is no longer possible to safely get the car inside.

A garage is actually a multi purpose area. Keeping the car warm and dry during cold snowy weather is always a top concern. But the garage will ultimately become the storage area for many items that would never be stored indoors. These include flammable liquids, pesticides, fertilizers, bird seed, lawn mowers, snow blowers, chain saws, bicycles and many other items that can quickly overtake the space designed for the family car.

Bulk Storage Can Save Hard Pressed Budgets

In addition any savvy shopper will realize the value of purchasing household items in bulk to save money. Boxes of paper towels, cleaning products and many other items can be purchased at a great cost savings. However these bulky items are not easily stored indoors and if stored properly in the garage would still be available and yet remain out of the way.

Bicycles are another item that can easily overtake the valuable garage space. Today's bikes are expensive and need a safe and yet convenient storage method to protect them, keep them available and safely out of the way during long winter seasons.

Some Items Will Need To Be Protected From Dust

The garage many times will be the home workshop. If the homeowner enjoys woodworking with power tools then the garage area will surely be exposed to sawdust. Garage doors are often times left open for long periods allowing dust, leaves and other debris to blow around inside. Your garage storage ideas should include garage cabinets, storage lockers, metal storage bins, plastic storage bins, proper shelving or other devices that will protect stored items from dust, moisture, insects and rodents.

Keep a large plastic storage bin handy to store any items you are planning to donate to charitable organizations. When you find something that you are going to donate simple put it in the bin and when you are ready to make the donation you simply load the bin and the car.

Pay Attention To Sizes And Materials Of Any Unit You Are Considering

Manufacturers have seen the need for garage storage products and there are plenty of useful items readily available. The problem is deciding on the best garage storage ideas for your home.  Before you make any purchase decisions be sure to spend some time on Amazon reviewing the available products and reading the customer comments. Pay particular attention to the manufacturer's descriptions.

You will want to know what material the units are built with. Are metal units properly coated so they will withstand moisture? What are the maximum loads for shelves and other devices? Pay particular attention to dimensions to make sure the item will fit your needs. Often you can purchase wall hanging hooks, shelves and other storage items at bargain prices at yard sales and flea markets. Just consider what it is you need to hang or store and watch for handy devices that will help you with the task. Keep in mind that some tools and other items need to be readily available and should not be cardlessly tossed in a drawer or box where you'll waste time searching for them.

To get you started on your search we have included a few of the more popular ideas. 

Rubbermaid FastTrack Rail

Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage           accessoriesCredit: AmazonFasttrack rail is an ingenious product. The rail is available in different lengths and is very easy to install. Once installed you can add a wide variety of accessories including wire baskets, shelving units, various hooks to hold bicycles, garden tools, hand tools and many other items. The accessories can be moved around as needed.

Rubbermaid FastTrack RailCredit: Amazon

Rubbermaid and other manufacturers have given lots of thought to the fasttrack rail storage systems and this would be a good product to get your storage started quickly and easily. 

HyLoft 540 45-Inch-by-45-Inch Overhead Storage System
HyLoft 540 45-Inch-by-45-Inch Overhead Storage SystemCredit: Amazon
Overhead storage can really get a lot of items off the floor and safely stored while still remaining relatively easy to reach. Plastic storage bins, cardboard boxes and other bulky items are easily stored overhead. Many of the overhead storage units are expandable and with a little imagination could hold tremendous amounts of material.

Hyloft Garage Storage Ideas SystemCredit: AmazonIf you are considering this type of storage be sure to review the Amazon customer comments to see what kind of experiences they have had. You can quickly determine whether there are any major design flaws or problems with manufacturers service by reading these comments. You can also find a lot of good tips and other garage storage ideas that would work for your garage. 

Stanley Tools and Consumer Storage 716201R 16-1/4-Inch Deep Wall Cabinet

Metal cabinets by Stanley and other manufacturers can be a safe and secure method of Stanley Tools and Consumer Storage 716201R 16-1/4-Inch Deep Wall CabinetCredit: Amazonstoring garden chemicals, cleaning solutions, paint and other items that should never be left exposed in the attached garage. A locked cabinet can protect expensive woodworking or other tools.

Cabinets are available in various sizes including wall cabinets, base units and full size free standing tall cabinets that will accommodate a wide assortment of material. These units are available in steel, resin and other materials. Be sure to consider what you will be storing before making a purchase.

Gladiator GarageWorks GAWA45SFTG 45-Inch GearLoft Shelf

Shelving is always a welcome and useful storage problem solver. With the various track systems it is a simple task to add various shelving anywhere it is needed. Mesh shelving such Gladiator GarageWorks GAWA45SFTG 45-Inch GearLoft ShelfCredit: Amazonas the Gladiator units allow you to see what is stored on them even if they are mounted high on the wall. The wider shelves would be great for storing coolers and other large bulky items.

Be sure to consider the weight limits and overall dimensions of any shelving units you are considering to be sure they will safely handle the task.

Hopefully these garage storage ideas will help you discover the most practical and economical solutions to your garage clutter. If you have an attached garage with the overhead door facing the street, a well organized storage plan will present a much more attractive appearance than a garage that looks like it just suffered a tsunami.