It is stupid to think about how many people get affected by alcohol and drugs. Most people can handle the occasional recreational drug or drinking some beer periodically. But some people get extremely addicted. Some people get addicted for all the wrong reasons. Maybe a tragedy occurred to them such as the death of a child or a girlfriend. It is not fair but sometimes these individuals were actually against alcohol but then after a tragedy the only way they can cope is by turning to alcohol.

From a person who never drinks to someone who is not drinking beer for breakfast and continues throughout the day until they pass out at night, the transformation can be very alarming. One day they are preaching about the dangers of alcohol and then the next week they are stupidly drunk non-stop so they can deal with their pain.

It can be hard because you want to help people in this situation but rarely is there much you can do except to listen to them. Sit back, crack open a beer, and listen to their woes. Oftentimes they may even be able to get someone from committing suicide.

When people are extremely depressed we may be very worried for the well being and their mental health. Many people who previously had no problems slid rapidly into a World of mental illness because of something such as their wife cheating on them. It can be easy for us to tell them that they will get over it and things will get better eventually, but it can be extremely hard to get that point across. You can tell people this once or twice and the shut-up about it because they seriously will not care because their woes are so bad.

People in this situation are more prone to suicide, violence against others, addiction to alcohol and drugs, and to lose their jobs or to even quit their job. Manu men and women who have had what appears seemingly as their dream job have happily quit their job because they were thrown so far into the depths of depression from an event that occurred to them.

It is not easy to be in this situation. You may have always made fun of mocked people who got depressed after a relationship ended but you can never fully understand how these people feel until it happens to you. Once it happens to you then you can easily end up an unkempt and unshaven alcoholic who does care what happens anymore. You may be saying right now that this could never occur to you but in reality it could easily happen to you and you just don’t realize it.

Drug and alcohol addiction continues to strike people every day when tragic events occur to them. No 12 Step program or rehab program will help these individuals unless they can get to the root problem of why they feel such sorrow that they began drinking in the first place.

Sometimes it can be a simple solution. Your long-term girlfriend dumps you for your buddy. You may be pleading with her to get back with you and are feeling suicidal and severely depressed. You may meet another girl and start dating her and then suddenly you are happy again and no longer want to drink because your are now “high on life”. You learn that you really do not miss your old girlfriend near as much now that you got a new girlfriend. The new girlfriend doesn’t nag at you like the old one did and you are having much more fun with her overall.

For people like this no drug or alcohol counseling is needed because your problem has ended. For others however professional help and counseling may be needed to help get you over your addictions. Now that you have a reason to quit drugs and alcohol you now need help and now that you are ready for help you can truly begin receiving help. The ability of other people to help you is often only limited by how much you truly want to receive help.

If you truly want to get help then it is possible but when you are in the depths of a mental hell fighting your demons the last thing you care about is your drug or alcohol addiction. In fact the beer guzzling may be the only thing that can keep you going mentally. Yes I said it; an alcohol problem can often help keep people in this situation from committing suicide. With that said though there are many other deaths that can be caused by alcohol abuse.

Have you ever been in a traumatic situation and turned to beer or cheap wine to help cope with the situation. Have you ever lost everything in a single moment and been moved to the depths of a mental hell? If you have never had a tragic even occur that made you extremely depressed then I am happy for you; however do not get too cocky over it because it may be just a matter of time until you catch your husband in bed with your brother or something else like that. When everything you know and love is suddenly gone it can be difficult just to manage or cope on a daily basis. You are not living day to day; you are living moment to moment, literally. You struggle to cope with basic skills such as showering. You are crying all of the time and do not care if you die. You suddenly understand why people would slice their wrist and bleed out to death. If you have never been in this position then you can never truly help someone who is. The depths of hell are often reached here on Earth, and it is sad. Fortunately many people can come out if it stronger than they were before. If this is you then stand up and be proud of yourself. Don’t worry about the haters. You overcame your struggles and are now stronger than ever.