Seriously, what is SEO?

If you are new to the blogging, or the website designing game then you are going to hear the term SEO. At first glance you can be sure that it is an acronym of some kind, and indeed it is. It stands for search engine optimization.  So what does that mean? It's very simple if you have ever typed something into google, and wondered how some sites rank higher than other sites then are very close to the meaning of SEO. Google takes several things into account when determining which site ends up on top.  Google looks at the actual content on the site. Google also takes into account how much traffic the site gets. Finally, Google takes into account backlinks, and if you are wondering what that is don't worry. Backlinks refer to links on sites that link into your site. So the three factors of a sites rank are content, traffic, and backlinks.

What does all this mean for search engine optimization? Well when most people are talking about SEO they are referring to one more thing keywords. These are words that you type into the search bar that pull up sites. For example if you type in "facebook" you will pull up facebook's website. If you type in social network, which facebook is a social network, the search engine won't pull up facebook because that keyword isn't linked as strongly with facebook.  

So what does that mean to have a site strongly linked with a keyword? This means in order to link your keyword with your site you have have to have content on your site that contains these keywords. If you write an article that contains the word dog in it a considerable amount of times, and reference it in the tags it will add to the strength of that keyword. So how can you use all of these factors to optimize your site or blog for search engines? When, you write articles for your site if you are going after certain keywords be sure to mention them. Also, call your readers to action, ask your readers to post links to your article and reference the keywords you are strengthening.  Finally, above all write good content! Nothing will get spread faster than good content.