I'm not one of those people who can readily see the silent struggle that others have.  I don't always take the time to listen to others.  What they are going through and what they are feeling.  I don't always do it, always so busy with whatever it is I'm doing at the moment.
I do know someone who does take that time, even with a perfect stranger.  My wife does this all the time.  She will take the time to give an encouraging thought to a perfect stranger, someone who will throw a grappling hook of hope - right in the middle of their silent despair.
With some people it's an effort to help others, an inconvenience rarely tolerated. Not so with my wife.  The desire to help others seems to be ingrained into her personality, seamlessly.  So much so that her helping others is just a natural extension of her being, as though it might hurt if she tried to suppress this capacity for mercy.
Luckily for everyone else she doesn't suppress it, but expresses it openingly.

As I ponder upon this I realize that that's where her capacity to love comes from.  Looking at the scriptures I see that when you serve your fellow man you serve God.  Can there be more joy or happiness in life than serving God? - Than participating in the great plan and helping others?  Probably not.

This is something I can learn from myself.  Often when you hear about people serving other people they will express that they love those they are serving.  How does this correlate?  I can't really explain it, and I probably don't really understand it, but, apparently, when you serve someone, in other words sacrafice for others and go out of your way to do something for others you feel love towards them. 

This almost doesn't make sense to the rational mind, but somehow, doing service for others brings about a feeling of love in the person performing the service.  It would almost seem natural to think this is backwards, that those receiving the service should be the ones feeling the love.  Somehow, it doesn't work that way.  Serving others brings about a greater happiness and joy, and love in you.  Not the other person.

When I think about the high rate of divorce and overall strife in the world I may only see a reflection of what's inside me.  So, it follows that if I look at this logically, if I served others more this "divorce" and strife would go down, right?  So, I need to do more service.

If we all did more service I wonder what kind of world this would be?  Could we possibly change the world?  I believe so.

That may be a better topic for later, because changing the world as a start is just too daunting a task.  I have to start with baby steps and I have to start with one person.  That would be me.  So, in order to effect change in the whole world I have to target someone and perform selfless service for them.  Not in an annoying way, of course, but in such a way that I'm actually helping the person.  I chose to start with my wife.  Not just because she's my wife, but because I think I could do more service for her than anyone else on the planet, to start with.  I already do service for my kids so I can probably just include them in the whole package of doing whatever I can for my wife and children.  Stop thinking about all the little projects I have to get done.  Well, not completely, but at least put them secondary to doing whatever I can for my wife.

Would this help me to love her more?  The proof seems to say so.  I'll have to wait and see.  Let's see how I do.  I'll add to this article with updates every now and then to see where I am.  If the world is still the same then maybe we can all commit to doing more service.  Maybe we can help people get along better by thinking about the needs of someone else, instead of only our own.  Maybe we can make the world a better place?  I'm willing to do what it takes to effect some change.