Sesame Street hinted at the LOL Elmo toy as early as the toy fair back in February 2012 but it finally hit store shelves on the first of October - just in time for the peak Christmas shopping season. This is obviously no cooincidence. 

Despite the fact that this plush Elmo doll is being positioned to be a hot commodity this Christmas I have to say I think the toy deserves to be a hit. For one every toddler loves Elmo; it's amazing but true.

My son gravitated towards Elmo around 13 months of age and I can't even remember showing him more than just a couple Sesame Street episodes prrior to that. These days he sees Elmo from afar, on a computer screen, in casual passing and he get's crazy excited. He pumps his fists and oos and ahhs. It's cute how much he loves the character.

In any event this new Elmo toy for 2012 is proving to be a hit in my family and I would expect it would be a hit to any kid in the 1-5 range.

The Laugh Out Loud Elmo Toy General Specs

The Laugh Out Loud Elmo Toy - New For 2012The LOL Elmo doll is officially targeted at kids aged 18 months to four years. Having seen the doll and how my 16 month old son interacts with these types of electronic toys I can guess that most young toddlers who aren't affraid of moving toys would love this all the way down to 12 months or so.

The toy is a robotic interactive toy but it's also plush and cuddly. It's a bit smaller than some of the Ticle-Me-Elmo style interactive toys from prior years.

I also love the price. It's far cheaper than some of the hottest Elmo toys from the past and because it doesn't have optional accessories to make it "cooloer" it will be accessible to more families and kids like mine.

Where Can You Buy The Laugh Out Loud Elmo Doll?

This doll is a major toy that is carried by almost every major retailer on the market. It was just released however so it may be a few days to a few weeks before local retailers have it in stock.

Some retailers are taking pre-orders for the doll while others that have inventory are selling it on a first come first serve basis. I bought my LOL Elmo plush toy from Amazon on the day it was released. I even got a price that was better than retail. That price isn't guaranteed for everyone but it's a great place to start.