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Sesame Street Let's Rock! Elmo

Sesame Street Let's Rock! ElmoCredit: Sesame Street Let's Rock! Elmo Keeps the Kids Entertained

Mission Impossible: Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to find a way to keep the kids happy. Suppose it's a rainy day and the little ones can't play outside, and they are beginning to get restless. What can you do to keep them busy, having fun, and out of mischief? That's exactly what Elmo is for. He's soft and cuddly, but he also entertains. He's like a Teddy Bear with an act. And best of all, if your kids are at all familiar with Sesame Street, they'll instantly recognize his friendly face. Mission impossible has suddenly become Mission Possible, and watching the fun the little ones are having with their Let's Rock! Elmo just might keep the adults entertained as well. Let's Rock! Elmo is for children ranging in age from 18 months to 4 years old. (Although the reviews do make mention of children as old as 7 still enjoying him.)

Sing Along With Elmo

Elmo has a library of 6 songs, and he comes equipped with a microphone (which is NOT a working microphone, although a working mic can be bought separately). Elmo encourages others to sing along with him as he entertains. He also plays instruments put into his hands. There is no adjustment needed either. He "magically" recognizes each instrument including the microphone.

Join Elmo's Band

There is an included tambourine, and what is referred to as a drum set, which in fact appears to be two connected conga drums. Elmo "recognizes" the instruments when they are placed in his grasp, and appears to play them. For parents who want to expose their kids to learning about more instruments, a guitar, a keyboard, and a microphone with a switch that will amplify the voice of whoever is using it are all available for purchase separately. Elmo's enthusiasm and good times attitude will infect the little ones and before you know it they'll be playing instruments, singing along with Elmo and dancing. When he gets the microphone, Elmo loves nothing more than to start singing. This toy can be educational too. Did you know that playing an instrument has been proven to improve academic development and motor skills?

BatteriesThe Sesame Street Let's Rock! Elmo Keeps the Kids EntertainedCredit:

Elmo also brings his own power to the party. His 4 AA batteries are included.


There are no small parts for the kids to put in their mouths, so you won't have to worry about a choking hazard. That's good for peace of mind.


It's always good to find a toy that really gives you value for the price. Let's Rock! Elmo does just that. Kids will play with Elmo for hours as they learn about the different instruments and develop their musical skills.  On Amazon, over 80 reviews average 4.5 starts for Elmo.  He's definitely a toy kids love and parents can appreciate.

Mission Possible With Let's Rock! Elmo

Let's Rock! Elmo is a fun way to introduce kids to the pleasures of music, and maybe even interest them in playing a real instrument when they get a little older. But most of all he's great for keeping small children busy and interested in something fun. They'll learn to sing, and it's good for young bodies to dance. It's great exercise which helps their development as well as keeping them busy. Achieve your own Mission Possible with the Let's Rock! Elmo.

Check out some Elmo action in the video below.

Let's Rock! Elmo

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