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Away starts with Dead in Your Tracks. The vocals and acoustic guitar tease before the full band kicks in for the rocking chorus singing "Watch me try again!" This is an inspirational song about failing but not giving up that gives this album an inspiring start.

The second track Restart has a similar theme, though this is more of a song of loss and continuing through hardship. The hook goes "Now I'm alone/But the music's started flowing/Far from home/But hopefully I'm growing/I've picked up the pen/Started writing again/I hope you know/It's my time to get ahead".

Perseverance is a common theme throughout the album.

The album is mostly built around acoustic guitar and voice, usually backed with bass and drums. Electric guitar only appears in the opening track. Despite the simple instrumentation, the music is diverse in its style and feeling. The upbeat strumming and drums of Changing Colours are in sharp contrast to the brooding swing of Spill. Some songs are what you may expect to find in an intimate show with a captivated audience, whereas songs like Tired and Down featuring parts that make you want to stomp your foot along with the bass drum. The album is rich in delicious dynamics.

Is that You? Is the most stripped down song of the album, featuring only guitar and vocals. It seems to tell the story of a former lover's fall from grace.


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You can have a listen for yourself and see if you agree with this review.

I think much of the album is easy to relate to. Loss (A Father's Love, Spill, Is That You? Restart), despair (Dirty, Spinning, Spill), fighting for what you want (Dead in your Tracks, Hang in There), bad relationships and broken hearts (Tired, Down, Is That You?, Changing Colours). The song Bisous lightens things a little in the middle of the album. It is a song about a romance that didn't end badly. All of these songs are presented in a sincere heartfelt way.

Maybe the most moving song of Away is the tragic A Father's Love, which is quite clearly about the loss of a wonderful father and regret for not having spent more time together.

I recommend this album for fans of Damien Rice, Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confessional and other sincere songwriters, but you can check out the Amazon link below and see if you feel the same way. Leave a comment with your review!

Sessy are also donating half of the sales of this album to a charity called Virlanie, which helps street kids in Manila, giving buyers another reason to feel good about picking up this album.