Google Adsense is a powerful advertising platform that brings advertisers and publishers together. Adsense is displayed on websites using text links and banners. As your experience with making money from your website grows, you will want to be to track which ads are making the most money. If you have multiple websites you also want an easy way to track how much money each site is making.

To track your earnings Google allows you to setup channels. A Channel can be used to track a specific ad or an entire website. To track the earnings of one specific website you need to create a URL channel.

Follow these steps to setup a Google Adsense URL channel:

Things You Will Need

Adsense account

Step 1

Login to your Adsense account. If you do not already have an account you can create one at

Step 2

Once you are in your account, click on the Adsense Setup tab in the top left portion of your screen.

Step 3

A new sub menu will appear, click on channels (under the Adsense Setup Tab).

Step 4

In this section you will be able to create channels for every type of ad you use. To create a URL channel click on "URL Channels"

Step 5

Next click on "+ Add new URL channels". A drop down box will appear for you to enter URLs to track. You can only enter one per line and you do not need to include the http:// or the www portion of your URL. Google gives examples of the format you should use off to the right of the text box.

Step 6

Click add channel after you've entered the website you want to track.

You have now set up a Adsense channel. To view the results of the channel you can click the reports tab. There will be a link that says " > top channels." Clicking this link will expand the list of all your channels. The earnings results will be sorted by the highest earners first. If you have set up multiple channels and you don't see one on the list it is because it has had 0 impressions or earnings for that day. Google will only display the top 11 channels for any given period.

Using channels is a useful tracking tool for website owners and publishers who are trying to make money with their website. It allows you to track and adjust your ads to help you maximize your profits. All publishers should take advantage of the tracking tools that Google Adsense provides.

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