If your cats love your couches and curtains as much as you do, then maybe it is time for a cat play area where they can play and hide all they want.

Some cats, depending on their age, just need to be kept busy.  Whether it is climbing cat towers or playing with toys or those automatic dry cat food feeders that roll around on the floor, they just need to be kept busy!

A cat has two favourite activities, and they are playing and sleeping.  If you have an older cat then there may be more sleeping, so having everything they need setup in one room will keep them busy enough to stay out of other rooms with your better couches!Cat Play AreasCredit: Amazon

Setting up a simple play area where they can run and climb or better yet hide and push toys through secret cubby holes will keep them busy for hours.  My cat will spend hours hunting and playing with a realistic toy mouse and stuffing it under the couch just so she can then claw her way on her back under the couch to get it!

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After purchasing something that came in a box, I noticed my cat was now playing her mouse game in and out of this box, so when I saw this cat play area box with the padded seat on top, I thought what a great idea!

This is a durable box with cubby holes and it comes with some toys attached.  Your cats can play in the box part and then flake out on top for a nap!

If you don’t want to get into climbing trees and frames and larger setups, having a small cat play area where they can poke and scratch and pick to their hearts content will help to save your furniture and curtains.

These little cat play areas are a great idea if you have an indoor cat or two or maybe you have a heard of them, and you are away at work for most of the day.  This will keep them busy for hours and burn off some energy for those well-deserved cat naps.

You could try making something like this one pictured yourself, or you can find them at larger pet supply stores and also online at sites such as Amazon.  Shopping online is a great way to find affordable and fun things for your pets to do.

Cats have a natural instinct to hunt and play, so if you want to preserve your house, you need to offer them things to do especially when you are not home. 

Since setting up a cat play area in the corner of the main living area, my cat has left under my couch alone and plays with her mice in an out of boxes and other toys.  She is older and heavier and this is a great way to get her moving.

So, if you want to contain your cat or cats to one area, then you need to set up a cat play area and keep everything in that room, and then your couch stands a better chance of survival!

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