BugBed bugs aggravating homes are very flagrant nowadays. These bugs that infiltrate our beds and our homes can be found in many parts of the world. Sometimes it is mistaken for dust mite but to make out the difference, bed bugs are bigger than mites. They are also reddish brown and flat. These bugs feast on the blood of their hosts and quickly hide in crevices and clefts around the area where the host sleeps. Here are ways to get rid of bugs and set your home free from these blood-feasting creatures.

Prevent bed bugs infestation

The best way to control bed bugs is to prevent them from infesting your homes. At the first signs showing bed bug bites on your skin, the best advice is to sweep your home thoroughly. The places to be carefully swept should be the furniture, bedding, laundry basket and luggage because these are areas where they usually hide.

Identify the dwellings of bed bugs

Bed bugs usually dwell in areas such as the seams, tufts and folds of a mattress. If you go travelling and stay in a hotel, make a thorough inspection of the beddings to make sure they are not infested by bed bugs. If you also purchase some used furniture, check it thoroughly for any bugs. You wouldn't want to buy bed bugs along with your furniture.

Bed bugs stains

Upon checking your bed and you see dark stains on your beddings, there is a big chance that you have bed bugs at home. These stains look like blood spots and empty skins of bed bugs. An explanation for these stains are either you have rolled over an adult bed bug which have just fed on you or you have continued bleeding after the bug feasted on your blood.

Sanitation to get rid of bed bugs

After determining if your house is infested by bed bugs, it is important that the infested areas be sanitized. Replacing an old mattress is also a good idea; throwing the old one will prevent the bed bugs from continual infestation. However, if you can't spare some money from your budget, it would also be helpful if you vacuum your mattress and apply a sealable cover so that it can't be infested by bed bugs anymore. Moreover, beddings, clothing and linens should be washed in hot water to ensure cleanliness and their storage area should be vacuumed before storing them again.

Contact a professional bed bug exterminator

Insecticides should not be applied to areas where you are sleeping because they can do harm to your health. If you have already done sanitary measures and the bed bugs still fester, it's time for you to contact a pest control company that can help you on how to get rid of bed bugs without putting your family's health at risk.

So, how to get rid of bed bugs? Just follow the simple tips above and you will surely free you from these annoying bed bugs.