If you want to create your ultimate atmosphere in your patio, you really have to think about the lighting. It is one of the most important factors for what mood it creates. Lighting can make or break a patio.

You need to start by thinking about your patio space, who come there and what mood you want to achieve. If children are often playing around, lantern posts are probably a bad idea. You better opt for hanging lamps. Do you often host parties? If so, what kind of parties? Chilled out or crazy ones? You need to think about these things. They can say a lot about which setting will best fit your needs.

Before you begin to contemplate which lights you want on your patio, examine your outdoor space and think about how it is used. Do you enjoy having outdoor parties? Do your children play outside at night? Is the space used for working or simply relaxing? All of these factors will affect the needs of your outdoor lighting.

There are a lot of design and styles you can choose from when it comes to outdoor patio lighting. You can opt for lanterns on the wall or on posts. You could also hang string lights on posts and along railings. When you want to give your patio a festive edge, use multi-colored sting lights. When you want to set a great romantic mood, use white sting lights.

LED patio lights are a very popular choice. They are excellent to use for complimenting the best part of your patio. The light direction is immensely focused, which causes them to cast beautiful shadows through your plants and décor. A great way to implement these lights is by putting them in the ground under a big tree. This creates a dazzling effect.

Not all lights will have decorative purposes. Some have to be installed for safety reasons. When there are areas of different levels or when there are steps, you need to illuminate them, so that nobody will trip when it's dark outside. You can achieve this result by putting lights in the railings or in the steps.

If you're the kind of person that likes to take care of the environment, then solar powered garden lighting definitely the way to go for you. These lights need no electrical wires, since they are powered up by the sun during the day. At night, they automatically sense the sun has set, and they flick on by themselves. All you need to do is install them and never put a roof over them. They are great energy savers.

It is up to you to make the final decision to buy either LED, string or solar powered lights. Just don't forget to put safety lights as well. Nobody likes to trip and fall on their face. Your friends and family will be glad you installed some lights to keep that from happening.