The summer season is right around the corner and while many are coordinating barbecues for Independence Day, birthdays and picnics, many hosts are looking for new ways to add style and character to their outdoor living spaces. While it could be easy to move around your outdoor furniture pieces, or get new colors for your seat cushions and pillows, why not reinvent yourself and embrace the idea of adding a bamboo tiki bar into the space?

These tiki bars are perfect for outdoor summer entertaining because it acts as a common area to place the food and drinks you serve outdoor décor and also becomes a main focal point while you entertain your party guests. Many people love the appearance of this type of bar because it has a great tropical look.

Here are a few ways that bamboo tiki bars can be a great addition to your backyard or outdoor entertaining space:

1. Outdoor bars provide simplicity during an al fresco party. Nothing could be more bothersome for a party host or hostess than having to run back and forth from kitchen to the party area, while making your guests feel comfortable and making sure there is enough food and drinks to go around. Party hostesses often times franticly running from the inside of the house to the outside because they have no space to put all of their drinks and food items. But with an outdoor bar, you have a place to neatly put out all of your food and drink for your visitors to feast on.

2. The conservation and protection of bamboo products is very easy. To keep your outdoor bar intact and looking brand new even when you've had it for awhile, you simply need to wash it down with soap and water. If your spills are a bit bigger, the bar could uphold with a pressure washer clean. Once the bar is clean and dry, apply a water sealing stain to keep the permanence of your bar last for years to come.

3. Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable product that you'll feel good about purchasing and using. It isn't just the environmentalists who are concerned about our planet. People all over the world are looking for new ways to find products that use a smaller carbon footprint and shop smarter for items that won't spend a whole lifetime in a landfill.

4. These outdoor bars come with so many accessories and amenities that blend seamlessly with this piece of furniture. Some homeowners find it hard to find a complete set of matching outdoor furniture without spending too much money. However with a bamboo bar, several decorative ornaments are available that match quite well. Check out your favorite outdoor design websites and look for items such as ornate wood carvings, tiki statues, bamboo paneling, bamboo fencing and borders, thatch roofing and even bamboo flooring to match your bar. Since bamboo uses a neutral color tone, you'll have fun finding other bold decorative pieces to match.