When you look ahead into the New Year, think about where you have come from and where you want to be.  Think of ways to better yourself and about the steps you want to take forward in your life.  When you set goals and resolutions, don’t think just of the major objective goal, but think also of the steps you take along the way to get there.  If you were setting a goal of losing weight for the New Year, consider setting milestone goals to be accomplished at 2 weeks, one month, three months and six months working all the way up to the end of the year.  If you are setting a resolution to pay off a debt, set smaller intermediate milestones for how much you will pay off at the end of each month all adding up to the total amount you will pay off by years end.  Any large goal you set to achieve in a year should be planned out in its entirety, with smaller milestone goals set and completed along the way so that you will see continual progress and stay motivated along the way.


After setting goals and resolutions for the New Year write them down and keep a journal of them, reading them continually and reminding yourself of why they are important to you and that you will accomplish them.  Encourage and motivate yourself here for success.  As you set your mind on fulfilling these goals and think on the reasons of why they are meaningful to you, you will carry the will and determination to follow through on carrying them out.


Once you have set your resolutions for the New Year, don’t hesitate to share them with supportive, close family and friends.  Family members and friends that will offer encouragement and support for your goals and resolutions are a key ingredient to your success.  Family members and friends that think you are crazy or foolish for setting goals or don’t think you can achieve them such as paying off your debt or going back to school, or just in general trying to better yourself, will not only cast doubt upon your vision but also steal your motivation.  It is best never to even share your goals and resolutions with individuals like this as they will inevitably try to talk you out of them and seek to keep you where you are at.


As you have cast vision for the future and you see the goals and resolutions you want to accomplish, see yourself accomplishing them.  Envision in your mind what it will be like walking in the fruit of the decisions you have made and of the hard work you have carried out to be where you are by years end.  This will give you added motivation to carry out and achieve your New Years Resolutions.  Happy New Year and God Bless.