Every year we as a society like to have a start over period where we can work to improve our lives for the better and to reach our goals. We like to use the start of a new year to help cleanse our slate and to start from scratch. Here are some tips for setting your goals for the New Year.

Write it down

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If you do not write you goals down then you are much less apt to be successful in meeting your goals. It is vital that you not only write down you goal but to look at it daily and endure that you are constantly working towards your goal.

What’s Your Goal?

Just because you are fat and out of shape does not mean that you need to lose weight for your New Year’s resolutions. You should only make losing weight your resolution if it is something that you truly want to do and feel the inner desire and burn to do it then go ahead and do it. Your friends may think you are fat and need to lose weight but in reality it is the least of your problems because you may be dealing with a drug addiction. You need to prioritize your want sand needs and decide for yourself what your goals should be for the New Year.

Let People Know

If you let your friends and family know your goals then they can help to keep you on track. Some people actually do better at meeting their goals by not sharing them with other people but it seems like most people need the extra accountability that comes with letting friends and family know your goals. You also need to let your friends.

Make it A Game

Instead of stressing out over meeting your goals you should instead make it into a psychological game with yourself. You can look at each day as advancing closer towards your overall goal. Instead of thinking about the food you cannot eat you should look at it as how much weight you are beginning to lose by eating healthy. Focus on the long-term instead of the short-term.

Avoid Overly Restrictive resolutions

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If your goal is to suddenly become a Vegan and to never eat meat again yet up until New Years Eve you have been eating meat your entire life it may be too hard for you to accomplish initially. Definitely cut back on your meat consumption each week and slowly wean yourself off of meat. If you jump into becoming a Vegan and then slip up and eat a piece of bacon then you may feel like you failed and then give up on your goal entirely. People will slip up but you can immediately get back on track and forgive yourself. If your goals are too restrictive though it may be practically impossible for you to meet your goals for the New Year.

The exception to this rule is for drug addiction, alcoholism and cigarette smokers. If you have a problem such as this then it is much better for you to quit your habit immediately instead of weaning yourself off of it because these products are very damaging to your health, even in small amounts. Alcohol is not normally dangerous in small amount but if you are an alcoholic then any amount of alcohol can be very dangerous to your health.

Play List

That’s right a musical playlist that will help you to meet your goals. If you make a goal of jogging 3 miles a day then you may find that motivating music is just what you need to help keep you going when you may want to quit. You already know that music is motivating and how it can help you. Imagine what Rocky Balboa would have been like without the “Eye of the Tiger” song motivating him for his workouts.


Part of making life changes is to actually enact the changes. If you are planning on jogging or walking so many miles every day then it is vital that you have the proper equipment. Once you start jogging everyday on a regular basis, this will give you the perfect reason to go out and buy some new athletic shoes. Regardless of what you goal is you may find it gives you a reason to buy something new.


Shopping is a form of reward but you should reward yourself on a regular basis for accomplishing your goals. If you went all week eating healthy and working out everyday then you can reward yourself with a small bowl of ice cream on the weekend. Small rewards will help to keep you progressing towards your goals. You will find however that overtime as you see drastic changes that the act of working on your goals is reward enough.

Formerly obese people who lost a lot of weight and continue to exercise a lot find that the actual exercise is the reward. These people are so grateful to be able to go out in public and look normal and feel normal as opposed to being the huge and overweight person they used to be. Regardless of whether your goals are fitness and weight loss related or something entirely different such as saving for a new car you will find that the journey can often transcend the reward.


You may not have control of every situation. If you make a plan to get a promotion at your job then you can work super hard, come into work early, leave late, take on extra work, and get super reviews from your supervisors. Even with all that hard work you may not get chosen to be promoted. As long as you did everything you could to get the promotion then you should be happy with that result. I am sure the next time promotions roll around you will be considered because your superb work at the office is surely to be noticed by not only your coworkers, but also management.