Setting Outstanding Goals

Making Your Life Work

GOAL SETTING (or planning your life)

Such a broad topic this is.  Why do we do goals anyway?  I think the main reason is that the things you write down and actually plan out on paper typically have a better chance of happening.  I know this is true in my case.  Goals are like a map in that at what time in the sequence do we do this and that we sometimes need to hurry a bit if we are to get to the end on time.   I would have to say that the result is what do you want out of life?  Two more things before we get really started here is to check on them often.  Probably at least every 90 days or so and keep them at least a month out where you can see them every day.

In order to meet goals like this we need to define what it is we want in the end when that end is.

It may be by the time you retire at 65 or when you plan to retire 10 years from now.  You know of course we must break this into smaller goals and typically one year is a good place to start.  You also need to define a vehicle to get you to that end.  If you are reading this article you are probably at least considering using the internet as your means of getting there.  I have 2 more ideas that you usually do not hear when writing down your goals:  write down all the problems that you expect to find on your journey and then the people or any groups or organizations that can help you get there.  These are very important because if you are aware of problems that may arise and see that they do not, it will keep some of the other non foreseen problems from happening too.   The other is to seek the help you need through anyone or any organization that has already arrested some of the things you are about to face and can light your path just a little and most of the time more than you expect.  People you will find are generally very willing to help with things that they too are passionate about.

To start with, let us start with realistic goals that you can reach and instead of zooming past your goal in September for the year why don’t we put in a stretch goal.  By this I mean a goal that if everything goes right and maybe a little better than you had planned with just a little luck you can reach this higher goal or maybe at least somewhere between.  I would hate to have you quit in September too just because you made your goals early after all you are on a roll.   

Let us say that you want to bless the world with your presence on the internet with a blog or other type site and want to make $2000 by the end of the year.  Nice goal!  Let us make the stretch goal $3000.  Let us use a little tool here called the backward planning method.  Plan out what physical things need to happen starting with maybe 10 days before you reach your goal and working backwards to 365 days from the end.   This gives you the sequence things need to happen, signals you that you have attained this goal (so move on the next) and breaks this monster one year goal into smaller much more manageable goals that are much less overwhelming for you.  Plus it gives you a little time to gather friends and get to the store so you can share a little champagne with them in celebration.

Keep in mind that each of these goals should be broken down into smaller goals.  If you know nothing about say, key word research you need to perform some research so allow time for this.

This is just an example of what it may look like.  Keep in mind it doesn’t need to be neat or on the computer.  Keep it ledgable enough to you however.  A well thought out progressive and realistic plan will carry you further than a neat hastily written one.  Good luck !!