There are a number of birdhouses for the yard and garden. Some are hung by a tree branch, others are mounted on poles and some come on platforms. There are birdhouses that also have decks. The decks usually circle the birdhouse itself. Small size decks are recommended and the larger decks should be avoided. The large decks can encourage predators of the birds. Keep the birdhouse near a large tree branch so it can Bird Housesafely land and then quickly hop to the birdhouse. The Connecticut Retreat Birdhouse is a good choice. It features a single unit apartment. It's made of real wood and has a real stone chimney. It also sports a bay window, flower pots and even a rocking chair. It has a small deck that the runs the length of the birdhouse, It also has breathing holes for ventilation and for nesting birds. The birdhouse also comes with drainage holes for rain water that may get in the birdhouse. The paint is environment friendly as it is water-based. It has all-weather caulking and waterproof glue.

Make sure there is a clear flight path to the entrance of the birdhouse. Provide fresh bird food as needed. The distance from the bottom of the birdhouse to the floor needs be at least 5 inches. This will ensure any young in the box who are developing won't have trouble with predators. The inside flooring should measure 4 inches by 4 inches. You will want the birdhouse to have easy access for cleaning. To attract Eastern Bluebirds a birdhouse needs to be at least 5 feet high and have an entrance door of 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Northern Flickers are drawn to high places so the birdhouse needs to be as high as possible. They are drawn to heights of 30 feet and taller. The birdhouse must be situated on a southeastern facing home. Building a pond near your birdhouse is also a good idea as this will attract Swallows and Wrens.

A very popular birdhouse is the Wing and A Pray with a verdigris roof. It houses eight birds at once. It has ledges around the house on each level. It even has several "take-off" spots. There are eight individual entrances. The roof is removable for nest checks and for annual cleanings. It's made of plastic, wood, and metal. It weighs 24 pounds. The dimensions of the birdhouse are 12.5 " long x 12.5" wide x 27.75" high. The mount is a 4 inch x 4 inch post. The cost for this birdhouse is around $190.00.