Setting up a dorm room recording studio is an exiting and rewarding task for any college student with a taste for music recording. Thanks to the constantly advancing technology, which has made recording equipment both smaller and less costly, the average college student should have both the space and resources to set up a professional music recording and producing studio in their dorm room.

The main component of any dorm room recording studio is going to be the computer. This is the core of your system and determines what type of software and hardware you will have surrounding it. For most people, the best answer for a dorm room studio will be a Mac laptop. Macs are generally the leading computers for any type of media production work. They are built to handle music recording and production and have more media software made for them. Having a Mac will give you access to the industry standard music production and recording software and this is important. The reason for getting a laptop is to save space and have some portability. However, desktops generally can have more power and if you are doing some serious recording, you may opt for a desktop.

Once you have your computer the next important item for your dorm room recording studio is the software to run on it. There is no one answer here for me to give you, as there are many great music recording programs out there. You are going to have to do some research on this on your own to figure out which one works best for you.

Now that the software is there you need some way to recording instruments into your computer. This is the job of a recording interface, and there is a wide selection of these available as well. They come in all sizes and price ranges, but you want to make sure that you find one that works properly with your computer and software. Many of these interfaces will be able to fit on your desk and may even get power from their fire wire connection to your computer. This is a nice feature for saving space.

The last major component is the monitors you will hear the sound with. You can go for some big ones or just a basic set of small speakers, but keep in mind that better monitors will enable you to hear more detail and make better recording decisions. Some nice headphones can be helpful too, but you want to have the option to hear your music from something besides headphones to get the full picture of how the sound reacts in open space. These are the basics of setting up a dorm room recording studio.